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PE Lesson 24th March

Hi everyone,

For today’s PE lesson we are going to start with a warm up song that we all know and love “busy feet song” song is attached to these post.

Now that we are warmed up and ready, we are going to play a board play a board game “race to 100”. All you need is a bit of space, a dice and a family member to play with you.

Rules are simple:

Each player has their own 100’s sheet.

Players go at the same time.

Roll the dice, each person performs the exercise (you can use alternatives if are struggling or a wheel chair user), cross off that many numbers on the sheet (attached). See who gets to 100 first.


1= 7 Jumping Jacks (7 ab crunch)

2= 5 Push-ups (with knees on floor)

3= 5 Toe Touches

4= 4 Squat Jumps (4 elevations using chair arms)

5= 8 Mountain Climbers (8 lifts of leg alternately)

6= 10 Second V-Sit (10 second arms stretch up)


Can you get to 100 before your partner does?

Play the game as many times as you want and good luck.



Fiddly fingers – Tuesday 24th March

Hi Everyone,

A couple of ideas for fiddly fingers.

First, can you build a ‘kitchen stuff’ tower? Make sure you ask an adult before you try this! I managed to build this one, it is about 1 metre tall. Can you do any better?

Fiddly finger tower made of stuff I found in the kitchen

Or how about filling a muffin or cupcake tin with different items. To make it more difficult you could do it just using your less dominant hand or using a spoon or tweezers.

This was my attempt …

My attempt at filling a muffin tin with 12 different things.

If you think you can name the 12 different things send me a reply and I will let you know if you are right!

Good luck.

More fiddly finger ideas tomorrow.


We are growing Runner Beans!

The Orange Class are growing Runner Beans!

Yay! Runner Beans

We filled the pots half way with soil

Just half way!

We put in the beans

In they go!

One, two, three …

We filled the pots up with soil to the top

Right to the top!

We watered the beans.

Water helps me grow!

We put the pots in a bright place!

A good job!

David (Mr Stewart) took them home this week so he can look after them and take photos.


Please look at the Life Cycle of beans below so that we can learn all about them!

Here is a handy video so we can see what will happen to our beans as they grow!                     Click on the video:  Bean Time Lapse

Food Technology – activities for learning at home

Please find below some links to resources which will help support learning in Food and Health by developing different skills :

Develop skills in healthy eating, kitchen hygiene and the safe storage of different foods by visiting:

Food Standards Education Resources https://www.foodstandards.gov.scot/education-resources

  • Cookin’ Castle
  • What goes where?
  • Interactive Eat Well plate
  • Plus lots of other activities

Gordon’s Hello Song

Many of my music lessons begin with this song

This can be a stand alone activity or play the video before watching a music video, exploring instruments or doing another music activity.

The video is at the bottom of the page.

What to do

  1. Feel free to join in and sing, clap, tap and move along to the song
  2. Maybe you can try using your voice
  3. Sign hello
  4. Tap fast and slow
  5. Sign “Stop” at the end
  6. Have fun!


Hello, hello
Very nice to see you
Hello hello,
How are you today?

Hello, hello
Very nice to see you
Hello hello,
How are you today?

We say “Hello”
We’re very pleased to see you
We say “Hello”
(can you say and sign hello?)

We say “Hello”
We’re very pleased to see you
We say “Hello”
(tap along with the music, sign “Stop” at the end)

Other ideas

  • Can you stamp your feet to the music? Can you tap your shoulders or your head?
  • If you can’t tap along, maybe a friend can gently tap your hand, arm or foot for you so that you can feel the beat of the music.
  • Maybe try playing along with a shaker, or tap something that makes a sound that you like. A box of cereal? A table top? Look around you. What makes an interesting sound?

24th March – Afternoon

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all well and safe.
For this afternoon, regarding to your timetable, here some activities that you can make:

Gardening – Have fun making a mud pie in your garden

They feel sticky in your fingers when wet and clump to the point that you can’t see an individual particle without a microscope.
All you have to do is take a small clump of soil and add water until it makes a moist ball. Begin to shape the ball into a pie. You can extend your imagination and “decorate” your pie as you wish (using little stones, sticks, plants, flowers….)
If you have sand you can explore the different textures, colours and smells. Compare how different “pies” you can make.
For some children, you can show that soil properties can also impact how well the plants in our garden grow. Show them that plants can’t grow on the sand.
*note: if you don’t like to touch the mud with your hands use some gardening tools or toys cutlery to make it.


HWB – Watch this little video why you need to wash your hands and use this guidance to wash it properly


Have fun and take care 🙂