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Social Studies

Social Studies

Hi everyone,

Earth Hour takes place on Saturday night (28th) between 8.30 and 9.30. Some of our pupils will be familiar with this annual event when we collectively switch our lights and TVs off to help the planet. For more information please search for “Earth Hour 2020”.

Also, for those space and science geeks out there, you can try to spot the Space Station as it continues to orbit high above us. NASA has a fantastic website called “Spot the Station”, which gives you accurate information as to where and when you can see it.  Obviously, you need a cloudless sky to help spot this bright, star-like object travelling across the sky for a few minutes. It’s over us twice a night just now, facing south, at reasonable times to see – Good Luck!           Linda and Ana.

Group 7 Reflection

Hi Everyone. I hope you’re having a good week a home.

In your packs there is a reflection sheet for you to fill in. At the end of every week we will reflect and talk about what you have reflected on when we get back to school. Have a great weekend and stay safe.


Group 4 – Social studies

Hi everyone.

What an achievement in our social studies topic – Romans.

Have a look at your final work – Roman villa project.


Floor plan by CM

Colour palette by AS

Veranda plan by CMcG

Garden plan by BS

Labels by LE

Roman villa

Details – garden, fountain and mosaic

Talk to a member of your family about our Roman villa project. What have you learned? What was your job? Did you enjoy working as a team?

Well done everyone!

Daffodils experiment

Hi everyone.

Have a look at my science experiment with daffodils.


Day 1 – 25/03/2020

Day 2 – 26/03/2020

Day 3 – 27/03/2020

What happened?

Did the daffodils change their colour? why? What colour can you see at the end?

Try to guess what colour did I use.

Do you want to give it a try? I would like to see your photos too.

Have fun!


Group 5 – Story time Friday 27th March

Hi everyone,

Today’s story, chosen by Alex, is Hairy Maclary’s Rumpus at the Vet. I hope you enjoy it.


Monday’s story choices are

In this story Mrs Thomas looks after a baby for a day and finds that it is not as easy as she thought!

In this book we meet What-a-Mess, a small Afghan hound. He does have a proper name but he has forgotten it because everyone who sees him always says ‘What a Mess!’

Reply to this post to let me know which one you would like to hear on Monday.

Have a great weekend, Sarah

Group 5 – Reflection Friday 27th March

Hi Everyone,

In your take home packs you were given a reflection sheet. Please can you fill this in to show what you have been up to this week? I am really looking forward to seeing them when we get back to school.

If you don’t have a paper copy, just let me know and I will e-mail one to you.

To help you think about the week here is a Nurtured Noodle video that some of you helped to make. I hope you enjoy it.