Primary 7 – 11.05.18


It has been a short but very quick week for Primary 7.

We have been very busy in numeracy learning a range of skills including taking away using chimney sums, solving algebraic equations, calculating the area of shapes, and working with more complex decimals and percentages.

On Wednesday morning Mr Krausen from the maths department at DCHS visited P7C to work on algebra. It was really challenging because we had to try to unlock a box by solving various equations.

Last week was Eco week. We have decided to continue to focus on Eco based activities and have been given a challenge to create an informative PowerPoint or poster based on plastic in the oceans. We learned that 80% of plastic waste in the ocean comes from the land and travels by river or by wind. It is causing the wildlife a lot of problems. We have been thinking of lots of ideas of how to reduce our plastic waste and how to prevent plastic going into our environment including oceans. We know how important it is to recycle our waste.

In PE primary 7 have been working on badminton. We have been learning about how to serve properly and keeping the shuttle going backwards and forwards. We have also been working really hard on aiming the shuttle in the correct direction. We have also been learning how to do an overhead clear which can be quite challenging. We have enjoyed playing the game ‘keep the kettle boiling’ – it is quite tricky but really fun!

On Thursday Mrs Clark and Mr Wright from DCHS science department came to work with  both classes. We took part in two different investigations. One investigation was to work out how long it took to dissolve different amounts of salt. The other investigation was to compare changes in temperature in penguins (obviously we couldn’t get any penguins so we had to use test tubes!) We had to work in groups and work together to carry out these experiments. We all had different roles in the group and had to communicate clearly with one another. We had to accurately read temperatures and measure mass and volumes. We cannot wait to go up to the science department during our transition week to carry out more experiments!

On Thursday we shared our buddy posters with primary 6. We have been working really hard on these posters which gave the P6s lots of information about how to be a good buddy and the benefits of being a buddy. Primary 6 had lots of questions which we answered really well!

On Sunday some of P7 are heading off to France. We hope they have an amazing time and we are looking forward to their daily blogs and pictures!


Sunday – P7 leave to go to France

Monday – Indoor PE

Thursday – Triathlon at DCHS

My Life So Far Due Friday 1st June


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay & Miss Clark

Primary 7 – 26.04.18


We hope you have all have had a good week so far.

This week in P7 we have started to plan our leavers assembly. The preparation for the assembly has been going good so far. Our assembly will take place on the Wednesday afternoon 27th  June.

Our prom committee have been working with Mrs Gilmour to prepare for prom on 28th June.

We have been working on training up the P6’s for door duty and becoming buddies. We have made an informative poster about how to be a good buddy and the benefits of being a buddy. We will be sharing these with Primary 6 soon and answering any of their questions.

In health we have been learning about relationships and the changes of growing up. We have learned a lot so far and have been asking lots of questions.

This term in P.E. we have been doing badminton with Mrs Ferguson. P7M have been going swimming at DCHS as part of our transition and P7C have been doing basketball. Monday 30th will be the final swimming session for P7M.

Over the last few weeks we have been adding and progressing our didbook profiles. Remember that you can access these at home.

Written by P7M


P7C – indoor PE kit on Monday and Wednesday.

P7M- swimming kit on Monday and indoor PE kit for Wednesday.

Gymnastics team – PE kit for Wednesday lunch time.

Spelling and maths due for Friday.


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay & Miss Clark

Primary 7 – 13.04.18

Hello and welcome back after our long Easter holiday!

This week we have been extremely busy. We have started to plan our leavers assembly which will be on Wednesday 27th June at 1.30pm. We have all chosen an area to work on for the leavers assembly and we are really excited for you to see this and celebrate our years at Carmondean.

In PE with Mrs Ferguson we have been focusing on badminton. This week we were practising hitting a shuttlecock and making sure it didn’t fall on the floor. This may sound easy – but it wasn’t! Mrs Macaulay’s class went for their first swimming lesson at DCHS and had a great time! Miss Clark’s class enjoyed playing basketball outside.

In writing we were looking at suspenseful writing. We looked at four main features of creating suspense in our writing. We highlighted these features in a range of texts and then wrote our own suspenseful stories. Next week we will continue to focus on creating tension and suspense in our writing.

In health we have been looking at helpful and unhelpful thinking. We are able to identify types of thinking in certain situations and can give our opinion on how we can change to think more positively.

By Callum D and Robyn


Monday – P7M swimming/ P7C outdoor PE

Wednesday – Indoor PE

Thursday – Transition Group

Thursday PM – Spring Disco!!

Friday – Maths and spelling homework


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay & Miss Clark

Primary 7 – Snow day 3

Hello Primary 7!

I hope you have all been having a great time out in the snow! Have you been out to measure how deep the snow at your house is?

If you would like to take part in a science experiment using ice/snow from outside why not try this? All you need is a timer, water, sugar, salt and ice/snow. Which will melt first/last and why do you think this happens? How could you improve this experiment? Share your results in the comments section.

Image result for ice melting experiment snow day activity

There have been lots of activities which you can take part in posted on the blog if you are looking for ideas. If you want some more take a look at the following:

You could work on your spelling words – why not get someone to test you on this weeks words or challenge another family member to speed write with you?

Your My Life so Far first draft is due in on Friday (9th March). You could carry on working on your project.

Your WW2 project is also due in just before the Easter holidays.

You could create your own bootcamp style workout which you could share on here/or at our next PE session

For maths – you could try to create 10 questions based on your current learning. You could get someone at home to answer these or post them on the blog? (Remember you will need to know the answers for these too!)

You could continue to learn your script/song words/dance moves for the school show.


Don’t forget to comment/share photos to let us know what you have been getting up to!

Have fun and stay safe in the snow!

Mrs Macaulay & Miss Clark

Primary 7 – 15.02.18

Good afternoon everyone,

This week has been a short one. But we have been very busy with our p6/7 show. This week we had no homework! 🙂 Except P7’s My Life So Far and ww2 project . that is taking a lot of time and work. Please remember that the first draft of My Life So Far is due on the 9th March.

We will be continuing to practise our school show songs, scripts and dances over the coming weeks.

In art we have been creating onomatopoeia words using pop art with Ms Fox. And in maths the cubes, squares and circles have been working on fractions with Miss Clark. The pyramids have been doing algebra. Finally the triangles have been working on fractions and percentages of amounts with Mrs Macaulay.

Thank you for reading our blog this week!


  • Reading homework
  • Maths homework
  • First draft of My Life So Far on 9/3/18
  • Keep working on ww2 project
  • Spelling homework
  • Indoor PE Monday
  • Indoor PE Tuesday


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay & Miss Clark

Primary 7 – 01/02/18


This week we have been working very hard creating our own dance routines in PE. We have all chosen a group and a song to dance to. We will continue to practise for the next few weeks and then we will be performing our dances to an audience of our choice – we can’t wait!

For topic we have been learning about WWII. We have been given a challenge to create an informative booklet about a WWII subject of our choice. We have to research information and write it in our own words. We will be presenting our booklets to the class when they are complete.

Last week a few people went to Morrisons to ask the public about how alcohol affects their community. Today in maths we really enjoyed collating the results from the survey. We created tables, bar charts, pie charts and worked out fractions and percentages. Everyone worked extremely hard!

Before Christmas we were given the task to plan a new reading area for the P7 classroom. We had to stick to a strict budget. We also got to choose our own book to put in the library which we are enjoying reading. Inside these books we put a special label to say who chose it and why someone should read it so that other people can enjoy the books too! This week our furniture arrived and we have been busy organising it. We have included some photos below to show how much we are enjoying this.

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned for a part in our P6/7 show – everyone has been allocated a part. In music we have been working very hard to learn our song words. They are sounding fabulous! We will be practising the show and learning scrips/song words for the next few weeks!

On Monday the senior challenge group held the Scots afternoon – it was a great success! All classes sang to the visitors and read Scottish poems. The drummers also performed spectacularly!

Thank you,

Kaii, Declan, Sarah, Sam & Faith

Next week Reminders:

Monday – Outdoor PE

Tuesday – Indoor PE

Wednesday – Literacy circles homework due

– Parents evening

Thursday – Parents evening


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay & Miss Clark



Primary 7 23.11.17


We have been very busy in Primary 7 this week.

Primary 7 have been making their Enterprise games and products. We look forward to sharing these with you next week at the Christmas Fair. We have been working very hard and making sure they are presentable!

For our St Andrews Day assembly next week we have been learning the song ‘Caledonia’. It is sounding brilliant and most people have learned the words off by heart!

The choir have been getting ready for their competition at Dalmahoy. We wish them the best of luck!

In art P7M have been completing their Japanese masks and P7C have been finishing off their tea cups.

We hope you have a lovely weekend.


Spelling homework for Friday

Maths homework for Friday

P7C swimming kit for Monday

P7M indoor PE kit for Monday



Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay & Miss Clark

Primary 7 – 08.11.17

Good afternoon!

This week we have been very busy working on our Remembrance assembly. We have been learning our lines and song words for this. We are looking forward to doing this in front of the school.

We have been going around the school each day collecting money for poppies. The money that is collected will go to the British Legion – this is a charity which helps soldiers and veteran soldiers.

P7M have been on a novel called Friend or Foe. We have been learning how to answer questions using a quote to show evidence for our answer. This will help us when we go to High School.

In PE we have started fitness circuits. We hope that by the end of the block we are more fit and able to increase how many activities we can do in one minute.

On Wednesday we spent the morning at DCHS for our first P7 transition morning. We got to take part in a range of subjects such as English, maths, science and history. We enjoyed meeting the teachers who were all lovely! We also got to see around the school and meet some of the S6 pupils. We are looking forward to our next transition visit in 2018!

Written by P7M


Spelling and maths homework due Friday

P7M outdoor PE on Monday

P7C swimming at DCHS on Monday

P7M & P7C indoor PE on Wednesday

Continue to learn your words for assembly


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay & Miss Clark

Primary 7 – 27.10.17

Good Morning All

This week we have been very busy.On Tuesday morning P7M had Miss Lindsay to talk to us  about Didbook. We talked about how we’re going to use it in high school.

We had a visit from the NSPCC and how we should say NO to abuse.We also made our own fortune tellers so we can remember how to look after our selves.

On Wednesday in PE with Mrs Ferguson we had Gymnastics and we were doing leap frog and we had a leap of fun.

We have started our enterprise topic. We completed a job application form for our preferred role (this included manager, materials manager, finance expert, human resources and quality control). We also came up with our groups’ names and ideas of the product or game that we’re going to sell.

Yesterday night was a blast. We had a lot of fun at the Halloween disco. We had a DJ who was AWESOME. We had sweets galore and we had a raffle.

Thank you for reading – Declan and Khaled


Monday – Visit from tobacco education

Monday – Outdoor PE

Wednesday – Indoor PE

Friday – Spelling and maths homework due


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay & Miss Clark

Primary 7 – 05.10.17

Hello everyone

We have had a very busy week in Primary 7 this week. We have been busy making books to read to our buddies. They are looking very colourful and we hope our buddies enjoy them.

We have been working on our Japan challenge this week – we had to choose an area of Japanese culture to research and then display our learning on a poster. We will be presenting these to the class next week.

As part of our Japan topic we created our own versions of the Great Wave painting using water colours. These look fantastic and will be on display so you can see them at parents night.

In literacy we have been looking at types of words for example nouns, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions and verbs. We used our knowledge to create a quiz. In class we will try out each other’s quizzes to see how much we have remembered!

In PE we have finished focusing on basketball and next week we will be starting gymnastics. We can’t wait to use the equipment and develop our gymnastics skills.

On Wednesday the Primary 6 class and Daisy and Rhianna from Primary 7 took part in cross country. In the Primary 6 girls category we came 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. In the Primary 6 boys category we came 1st and 2nd. The Primary 7 girls came 5th and 12th. Well done to everyone who took part – Carmondean is very proud!

Our Big homework challenge is due in tomorrow (Friday 6th October) – we look forward to seeing everyone’s hard work!

By Rhianna and Aleigha


Outdoor PE on Monday

Indoor PE on Wednesday

Parents consultations on Wednesday and Thursday

Homework due on Friday

Primary 7 – 05.10.17

Hello everyone,

The primary 7s this week have been very busy. We have been making books to read with our buddies.

We have also been making our dream jars. In the dream jars we have to draw a dream and later on in the week people will guess what our dream is from looking at the pictures.

We are in the middle of a reading book called Friend or Foe and in the book the two main characters David and Tucky who are evacuees. They are sent to a host family because of World War 2. David receives a letter from his mum and we had to reply back to her.

We have been looking at types of words and made a grammar quiz on things like nouns, adjectives, adverbs, connectives etc. We can’t wait to try each others quiz out.

On Wednesday Primary 6 and Rhianna and Daisy from Primary 7 took part in cross country. Everyone was amazing and we got 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place for the girls and 1st and 2nd place for the boys. P7 got 5th and 12th place.

In art we have been creating our own versions of the Great Wave painting. These will be up on display for parents evening next week.

Have a good weekend,

Rhianna and Aleigha



Outdoor PE on Monday

Indoor PE on Wednesday

Homework due on Friday

Parents consultations on Wednesday and Thursday

Primary 7 – 21.09.17


This week was a short week for the school, Everyone got 2 extra days off which was very enjoyable for most of the school. On Wednesday the primary 7’s got introduced to the natural disasters topic homework and we learned about all the layers of the earth e.g. The Crust, The Upper Mantle, The Mantle, The Outer Core and the Inner Core.

On Wednesday The primary 7’s really enjoyed their P.E lesson with Mrs Ferguson in their Basketball lesson where we learned how to defend our ball and manage to shoot some hoops!

Primary 7 also continued our art project creating Noh theatre  masks and we started writing a letter to our poor David’s Mother in our book study (Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo).

The primary 7’s are continuing on their R.M.E challenge. We are studying all sorts of religions, Such as. Islam, Christianity, Judaism etc. We are making posters, booklets and leaflets to share our research on religious pilgrimages.


Trade topic homework due Monday 25th September,

Maths group Homework due Friday 29th September

Natural disasters big homework due Friday 6th October

P.E on Mondays (outdoor) Wednesdays (indoor) bring P.E kits!

by: Callum, Stella, Leoni, Melody and Abbie

Primary 7 08.09.17

Hello Everyone!

We have been very busy with so many new activities and opportunities. We have had messy hands all week with all the paint we have been using in Primary 1. On Tuesday we went to Primary 1 and made very creative “masterpieces” that we all enjoyed making.

This term we have been learning about Japan and the culture. Next week we are expecting Japanese visitors who know a lot more than we do. In art we have been making terrifying Japanese theatre masks with gum strip, molds and Vaseline that are beautiful so far.

In Indoor P.E, we have been learning how to play Basketball and also the rules that come with it. In Outdoor P.E, we have been making games to play with our little buddies and also making the rules of it in writing, ( It’s a big responsibility looking after our buddies! )

Recently,we have been challenged by our teacher of a way to display information of a religion of our choice and we have been researching with our own devices to find out more.

So it has been a long and busy week and now we have our break (woo-hoo!) so now enjoy your weekend and we will see you next week! Bye! 🙂


School photos – Tuesday and Wednesday (look your best!)

Outdoor P.E – Monday

Indoor P.E – Wednesday

All homework due in on Friday!

Written By Lucy, Ammad and Lisa


Primary 7 – 26-06-17



Last Monday the children came back with lots of stories about what they had been getting up to at High School. They had a great time during their week at High School and hopefully they shared these stories with you!

On Tuesday the children visited Aberdour beach with their P1 buddies. It was a great day and the children enjoyed playing in the water and the sand. Primary 7 really looked after their buddies making sure that they were safe at all times.

On Wednesday the children took part in sports day. Luckily the rain held off for the most part! The children worked really well in their teams to gain points for their Houses. Well done to Waverley for winning overall.

We have been practising for our Leavers’ Assembly which will be on Wednesday 28th June at 1.30pm. Please remember to send in your request for tickets as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you there!

On Friday the children showcased all their work based on the ERASMUS+ Project. Primary 7s focus was on Bulgaria. The children were able to show their parents the work that they had been doing and the work other classes had been doing. Thank you for your support during this open morning.

The P7 Prom takes place on Thursday 29th June at 6pm and will be held at Deer Park. The Prom Committee will go up on Thursday afternoon and decorate the room in preparation for this. The children are very excited about this and we are looking forward to seeing them all dressed up! A good time will hopefully be had by all.

On the last day of term the children can bring in their Carmondean Polo shirts and shirts for others to sign with good luck messages.

Thank you for all of your support throughout the year and we wish you well in the next chapter of your child’s school life.

Mrs Macaulay & Mrs Gilmour

Primary 7 – 09.06.17

Hello from all in P7,

This week we have been working on our Leaver Assembly. The children have been remembering a lot of funny memories and deciding which ones will go into our assembly. They have written acrostic poems for the teachers they have had over the years and these are looking great and will be presented during the Leavers Assembly. The children have decided that there will be an awards ceremony and they have voted for who they would like to win each category. The votes are in and counted but will not be announced until the Leavers Assembly.

The children are continuing to add to their Didbook. Please feel free to read and discuss what they have written.

On Wednesday the children worked on their songs with Mr Platt for the leavers assembly. We are hoping you will enjoy these and there are a few surprises in store.

Yesterday the children completed a French assessment for the High School. We were very impressed at how much effort the children put into this and it seems that they know more French than they are letting on! These will be sent to the High School and use to help decide what the children will learn in first year.

P7 went through their own General Election. P5 shared their manifestos and the children voted for their favourite poster.

Today in assembly the children shared their My Life So Far with the children and teachers. They shared their favourite part of their project and answered any questions that were asked. The children have put so much effort into these over the past year and they should be very proud of what they have achieved.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay & Mrs Gilmour

Primary 7 – Friday 2nd June


It has been another busy week in Primary 7 with many activities connected to transition to High School. In writing the children were writing an overview of their time in primary school. This brought back a lot of memories and many of these may be shared in the leavers assembly. 

We have started planning for the leavers assembly and the children have come up with ideas and songs that they would like to perform. We will be busy with this for the next few weeks. 

The children are continuing to add entries into Didbook. Please feel free to read these at home and help the children add to them if you wish. 

On Thursday Ms Mordaunt visited and the children were given their new first year timetables for high school. These indicate the children’s house, tutor group and practical group. The children will follow this on their transition week. When the children visit High School, the children should come to Carmondean on Monday 12th June and we will walk them up to the High School, but for the rest of the week the children will make their own way

My Life So Far was due to be handed in on Friday 2nd June. If your child is still to hand this in please ensure it is handed in on Monday 5th June. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay & Mrs Gilmour

Primary 7 – 26/05/17

Bonjour! We are back from France. All the children have enjoyed sharing what they did last week. The people who stayed in school did a variety of activities such as researching Mardi Gras, working with their buddies and helping to plan sports day. Hopefully everyone has been able to read the blog that the France blog posted each day. The children have added their experiences from last week to Didbook. Please feel free to go on and read their entries.

As part of transition to High School, the children started one of the hurricane challenge activities which was to make as tall a structure as possible using art straws and paper. These are still a work in progress and we will complete them next week.

Today science teachers from DCHS visited and worked with the children. The children identified key safety rules for carrying out investigations. They then carried out two different investigations on how to decide if water is safe to drink.. The children were able to see very clearly which water was safe to drink and which was not.

On Thursday next week when we are working on our Didbook profiles, the children will be able to use their devices if they have returned their AAL agreement forms. This could be their phone, iPad etc. These will be stored securely in school when not in use and returned at the end of the day.


My Life So Far – Due Friday 2nd June


Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Macaulay & Mrs Gilmour

Primary 7 in France – Friday 19th May

Last night we had a disco it was so fun and Dean asked for let it go but it didn’t get played. There were a lot of good songs we had to go before let it go came on. We were all dancing our hearts out singing and dancing. We are going on the bus soon and we dock at 8:15 and we will be going home soon.

We had to get up at 6 o’clock in the morning on the ferry because there were so many people on board we had breakfast. We are getting 5 pound for lunch on the way back we are aloud to go to any place and buy our self like Burger King, KFC and lots more we are all having a blast on the trip.

Written by James, Dean and Stuart

Primary 7 in France – Thursday 18th May

Today, Thursday, was the last morning in France. This morning we went to the ‘In Flanders fields’ museum and we had lunch there.
First we had to go to the desk and get poppy bands that got us into the museum and watch and listen to the audios. We got to wander around ourselves but most people went round in groups. We saw all of the old stuff found from WWI. There was a big pile of used bullets that they found on the beach and there was some weapons, clothing and some stuff out of the trenches like wine and water bottles and spoons.
On the walls were a set of German, French and British uniforms. They were really all the same but the British had kilts instead of trousers.
There was pictures showing us all of the skeletons that they found. On all of them there was lots of missing bones and body parts from all of the bombs. After we looked around the museum we went outside of the museum and had lunch. We got to play tig for about 10 minutes. The teachers took us to the gift shop and we got to buy gifts.

Then we went to the Belgian chocolate shop and the shop keeper was standing there with a sign saying welcome Carmondean primary school. When we went in he had a mike and was telling us about a offer – it was a box of Belgian chocolate, milk, white or dark chocolate for €9.99 plus they gave us a free bag of marshmallows. We all got 10% of everything in the store.
We went to the Menin gate and looked at most of the names of the soldiers. Then we went to Tyne Cott and looked at graves.
We went to go get on the ferry and got dinner. It was a buffet – it had soup for starters or you could get fruits, for main meal you could get meats and roast potatoes, Chinese food or chicken. For desert we got to pick a little cake and a little tub of ice cream. At the end of the day we had a disco that more schools were at.

Written by James, Emma & Leah

Primary 7 in France Wednesday 17th May

Sarah- Hello, today we went to parc bagatelle theme park and we all had a great time there. We left the hotel at around 10:00am and arrived after booking in at 10:45am. We left at dinner time and everyone had the best time on the highest and spiniest rides. We also went to 2 gift shops, one was a sweet shop and one was a gift shop. Soon after we went and all got ice creams, we had 2 flavours strawberry or vanilla. Most people went for vanilla which was very good. The biggest ride in the theme park was the Triopps. You sat in a car like seat and went up very high.

Ella- A lot of people’s favourite was the famous jack mouse trap rollercoaster where you sit in a teacup shaped seat and spin while you drop and turn sharp corners!

Rebecca- Another popular ride was the RAF aeroplane ride it went upside down while you spinned and dropped. This is my personal favourite but it was scary. Sometimes you stayed upside down.

Mortikai- It was fun on the rides. Going upside down and the water rides were my favourite.

A great time was had by all. The weather was really hot and sunny. The teachers had a fun way of keeping us cool!!

At dinner we got chocolate doughnuts which were yummy.

Tomorrow we are going to Ypres and the chocolate shop then sadly the ferry home.