Primary 7 18.11.16

Hello, Bonjour, Ciao, Zdraveite, Ahoj, Cxesc !

We have had a busy week with our ERASMUS visitors. The children have been learning a variety of words in French, Italian, Bulgarian, Slovakian and Polish. Their pronunciation was very good! We noticed a few similarities between many of the words. The children in the choir and the house captains attended a very successful evening of Scottish entertainment on Thursday evening. The choir sang a selection of Scottish songs and they were outstanding! Our ERASMUS visitors gave them a standing ovation at the very end. The children then led the visitors in a variety of ceilidh dances. A great time was had by all.

The children had their final visit from WLDAS with the focus on smoke free homes and zones. Please return the pledge form by Monday 21st November if you wish to participate in this.

We have started our Enterprise topic. The children have decided if they would like to organise games or sell goods at the Christmas Fair. They will be working on this for the next two weeks. Please can you ensure your child has checked with their teacher before spending any money on resources for their chosen Enterprise activity as the school are often able to provide these cheaper than if the are bought in the shops.

We have noticed that many children are coming to school with no jacket or just a thin cotton hoody. Please be aware the children are outdoors on many occasions and so it is very important that they have  a waterproof jacket with them every day. A gentle reminder that the children have PE on a Monday and Wednesday and require kit for both of these days.

The children will be working on their My life so far in school until Christmas on a Thursday. Thank you for all the support that you have given your child so far. They are looking fabulous!




Spelling homework each night

Maths homework

My life so far – Thursday

PE on Monday and Wednesday


Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour


Primary 7 – 11.11.16


A huge well done to the boys and girls from P7 for an outstanding performance during our Remembrance assembly. The children worked hard all week to plan, research and create this assembly.

The children have made boxes decorated with Scotty dogs for our ERASMUS visitors. Those that did not go to the sportshall athletics got the opportunity to make tablet which has been put into each box. Congratulations to the children who went to the sportshall athletics – as Carmondean came first. What a talented bunch they are!

On Tuesday the children read a variety of Remembrance poems and then wrote their own. These were emotive, reflective and poignant.

WLDAS worked with the children again this week. We were looking at how smoking can affect our bodies. Smokey Sue gave an excellent demonstration of what smoking does to your body. The children were horrified at the effect smoking has on our lungs.

Mr Anderson continued to work with primary 7 on the song they will sing at the Christmas concert at DCHS.

Next week:

  • we welcome our ERASMUS visitors who will be teaching in class at various points throughout the week
  • on Monday we will have our last visit from WLDAS
  • We will be starting our Enterprise topic where the children will either work on running a game or raising money at the Christmas fair.
  • all children are to bring in their ‘My life so far’ as we will be working on this for the next few week


Thank you for your continued support in helping make the children’s learning as enriching as possible.

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour


Primary 7 04.11.16

Hello to all,

We had a visit from West Lothian drug and Alcohol Services on Monday where the children learned about the dangers of smoking. The children were given a task to research some of the different chemicals found in cigarettes which will be used in their lesson next week.

The children have started a Remembrance challenge. They have been learning about how different countries commemorate Remembrance and the significance of poppies and war memorials. The children have put a lot of effort into their challenge and we look forward to seeing the completed displays!

On Tuesday Primary 7 went to DCHS for a transition morning where they got to experience a range of lessons including PE, Art, Maths and Science. The children had a great experience and are looking forward to their next transition visit.

On Wednesday afternoon Mr Anderson from the music department at DCHS visited primary 7 to practise the song we will be singing at the High School Christmas concert.

Today selected pupils will be attending the Sportshall Athletics event at Craigswood Sports centre. Check the blog next week to find out how they got on!


Spelling homework each night

Maths homework

Continue to learn song words

Both classes will need outdoor PE kit on Monday

PE with Miss Inglis on Wednesday


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour

Primary 7 – 28/10/16

A spooky time as had by all at the Halloween party last night. A fantastic range of outfits were worn and well done to the winners!

This week has been another busy week in P7. The children finished their Japan books and read them to primary 4. Primary 4 then gave P7 feedback on what they liked about the books and what needed to be improved.

After school clubs started this week, please remind the children that it is important to attend every week. If they are unable to attend then please let the school know.

On Wednesday we had a visit from two high school teachers – Miss Thomson worked with Mrs Gilmour’s class in maths and Mr Anderson worked with both classes to start preparing them for the song that they will sing at the High School Christmas concert.

Next week we will begin work on our Remembrance topic – if you have any photographs or memories to share about relatives who died during a war and you are happy to share these, please could you contact the school. The children will be creating a display/wreath to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of why Remembrance is important. We will be learning the song ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’ to sing at assembly.

We have also started preparing for our ERASMUS visitors coming on the week beginning 14 November. The children are creating a display for the classroom. They will also be making boxes on the theme of Scotty dogs which we will fill with homemade tablet to give to our visitors. We will be learning the song ‘Scotland’s Story’ by the Proclaimers to sing for our visitors.

Next Monday we have a visit from West Lothian Drug and Alcohol service who will be working with the children on he dangers of substance misuse.

Next Friday 4th selected children will be attending the rearranged Sportshall Athletics event at Craigswood Sports Centre. Please remember to wear your PE kit and bring a water bottle. The rest of the children will e having outdoor PE on this day so they will also need PE kit and water bottle.


Spelling homework each night

Maths homework

Remembrance homework

Learn lyrics to songs – Scotland’s Story and It’s a Long Way to Tipperary

PE kit on Wednesday and Friday

P7W swimming kit on Wednesday (last session)


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour


Primary 7 – 14.10.16

A big thank you to parents/carers who came to parents’ night on Wednesday and Thursday. We really appreciate your support to ensure the children are meeting their full potential.

On Monday we went to watch ‘The Wiz’ at Deans Community High School. The children really enjoyed it and we could see how much time and effort the high school pupils had put into the production.

We have had a week of witnessing a variety of natural disasters. The children had worked very hard to create their 3D models and many worked very successfully. We had volcanoes erupting, tsunamis flooding, earthquakes shaking and tornadoes/cyclones twisting. We were all weathered out by the end!

The children wrote fabulous newspaper reports about various natural disasters. Hopefully you had a chance to read some of these on parents’ night.

The children are working on their non-fiction book about Japan. They will be reading these books to P4 after the holiday. Some children have chosen to work on these over the holiday. We will have one session once we are back from the holidays to complete these.

After the holiday, our RME topic will be Remembrance.  If you have any photos, memorabilia or experience of attending Remembrance ceremonies and would be happy to share these with the children then please let us know.


Week beginning 24.10.16 spelling homework will be given on Tuesday but children must complete the whole week.

Wednesday 26.10 – P7W swimming and PE

Wednesday 26.10 – P7G – Maths with Miss Thomson DCHS

Thursday 27.10 – PSA Halloween disco


Primary 7 – 7.10.16

Thank you to all children (and parents!) who have completed and brought in their 3D working model of a natural disaster. All models and presentations should be in school for Monday. The children will be presenting these on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week. We are looking forward to lots of explosions!

The children have been working hard in art with Ms Fox making fabric Scotty dogs and these are beginning to come to life! Some of these will be presented to our ERASMUS visitors in November.

Well done to Rebekah D in P7W for coming second in the P7 girls race at the cross country.

Next week, the book fair is in school. The children will have an opportunity to browse the books on Wednesday next week. The book fair is open at the end of each day and on parents’ night. If your child would like to buy a book, please send in the money and they will be able to buy it on any day that it is open.

We are looking forward to meeting you next week at parents’ night to discuss your child’s progress.


Spelling homework each day

Maths homework – due Thursday

P7W swimming on Wednesday

p7G working with Miss Thompson from DCHS on Wednesday


Primary 7 30.09.16

Lots happening in P7 this week! Natural disaster models are beginning to be created and children are working hard on this. There is a variety of profiles being written – some on PowerPoint and some on displays. Well done for all of the hard work at home and in class! A reminder that this is to be completed by Friday 7th October.

In reading the children are creating a non fiction book about Japanese life. If you have any information, pictures or items they could include then please send them in so that they can be part of their book.

Unfortunately due to circumstances outwith our control, the Sportshall Athletics has had to be postponed. The children who were chosen to attend this will do so at a later date. Information about this new date will be sent home once it has been confirmed.


School photos – individuals only on Tuesday 4th




Natural disasters profile and 3D working model


Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour

Primary 7 PE

Due to unforeseen circumstances PE for P7 will revert back to the original day of Wednesday. This will mean that for the next 5 weeks P7W will have swimming at the High School on Wednesday morning and PE with Miss Inglis on Wednesday afternoon. P7W will not have outdoor PE on a Monday.

Mrs Gilmour’s class will continue to have outdoor PE on a Monday and Indoor PE on a Wednesday.


  • Mrs Gilmour’s class will have PE be on a Monday and a Wednesday
  • Miss Wilson’s class will have both PE sessions on Wednesday

Sorry for any confusion this has caused.

Thank you

Miss Wilson and Mrs Gilmour



P7 week beginning 19.09.16

For a short week it has been a very busy week! Your child should have brought home a letter explaining about their natural disaster challenge. This is to be worked on at home and in school and to be finished by Friday 7th October.

The children are also writing a book about Japan which will be completed in reading and topic time. Just a reminder that the children should be working on their ‘My life so far’ assignment each week.

The children will be starting transition work with teachers from the high school. The first of these will be PE. Miss Wilson’s class will be starting this on Wednesday 28th September for 5 weeks and Mrs Gilmour’s class will complete their transition PE block in January 2017.

The block will be swimming so please could the children in Miss Wilsons class ensure that on Wednesday 28th September they have their swimming costume(NB: girls must wear an all in one swimming costume and boys require swimming trunks or shorts) and a towel.

We will be leaving at 9.15 sharp so if your child wishes to wear their swimming costume they can but please remember to pack underwear!

Because of the transition block, PE with Miss Inglis will now be changed to a Thursday.

On Friday 30th September selected children will be attending the sportshall athletics event at Craigswood Sports Centre. They will need PE kit and suitable footwear for participating in a variety of sports.



  • PE will be on a Monday and Thursday
  • P7W swimming on Wednesday
  • Sportshall athletics on Friday



  • Spelling homework
  • Natural disasters challenge (continue to work on)
  • Maths homework

Thank you for your continued support

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour

Primary 7 Week Beginning 12.09.16


Primary 7 have had an exciting week. On Tuesday we had visitors from the Japanese society. We learned about Japanese food, clothes, games and much more. We enjoyed learning how to use chopsticks and making origami.

As part of the Roald Dahl 100th birthday celebrations we watched Matthew Fitt on Authors Live. Matthew is particularly well known for his Scots translations of Dahl’s stories. He made us think about words we might already know from the Scots language. Some of our favourites included braw, crabbit, dug, and mingin. We discussed some Scots language that we might use at home and also came up with some names for sweeties in Scots.

A number of pupils are not coming to school prepared with suitable PE kit. Please ensure your child has suitable clothing and footwear for doing PE outside.

Next week we will be working on ‘My life so far’ on Friday so please bring it in to school on this day.

Next week:

Monday – Holiday

Tuesday – In service

Wednesday – Children back to school

– PE

Thursday – Residential meeting about France visit



No spelling homework next week

Big homework focusing on an aspect of Japan



Thank you for your continued support

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour

Primary 7 – 9.9.16

Primary 7 have had another really busy week this week.

In science we have been learning all about the structure of the Earth. We focused on the 4 main layers and found out the properties of each one. Next week we will be looking at different types of rock and how these are formed.

We have been learning about internet safety and the importance of telling an adult if something worries us.

For our topic we found out where Scotland and Japan are on the world map. We have been busy identifying some of the main features of each country including rivers, mountains, seas and cities.  We have also been looking at the differences and similarities of land use between Japan and Scotland. We will be learning about some of the key industries in Japan and using our knowledge to create a collage.

Next week we look forward to some visitors from the Japanese Society. Check out blog next week to see what we found out!



Outdoor PE – Monday (weather permitting)

Indoor PE – Wednesday

Please ensure your child brings their PE kit on the correct days



Spelling homework – Due Friday 16th

Topic homework – Due Thursday 15th


Thank you for your support,

Miss Wilson & Mrs Gilmour