Primary 7 – Snow day 3

Hello Primary 7!

I hope you have all been having a great time out in the snow! Have you been out to measure how deep the snow at your house is?

If you would like to take part in a science experiment using ice/snow from outside why not try this? All you need is a timer, water, sugar, salt and ice/snow. Which will melt first/last and why do you think this happens? How could you improve this experiment? Share your results in the comments section.

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There have been lots of activities which you can take part in posted on the blog if you are looking for ideas. If you want some more take a look at the following:

You could work on your spelling words – why not get someone to test you on this weeks words or challenge another family member to speed write with you?

Your My Life so Far first draft is due in on Friday (9th March). You could carry on working on your project.

Your WW2 project is also due in just before the Easter holidays.

You could create your own bootcamp style workout which you could share on here/or at our next PE session

For maths – you could try to create 10 questions based on your current learning. You could get someone at home to answer these or post them on the blog? (Remember you will need to know the answers for these too!)

You could continue to learn your script/song words/dance moves for the school show.


Don’t forget to comment/share photos to let us know what you have been getting up to!

Have fun and stay safe in the snow!

Mrs Macaulay & Miss Clark

4 thoughts on “Primary 7 – Snow day 3”

  1. Hello Callum,
    Sometimes parts of our lives can be quite sad/emotional and these are completely normal feelings to have. Is there someone at home you could talk to about this section of your My Life So Far? If you can’t bring yourself to do that section then please just leave it just now and focus on a different area.
    Please remember that you should only put information you feel comfortable sharing in your My Life So Far.
    I hope this helps,
    Mrs Macaulay

  2. Callum, why don’t you skip forward to another part of your life that cheers you up? Maybe a residential or becoming a House Captain, something like that …

  3. I tried to do some more of my life so far but I got quite sad and emotional whilst writing it but it would be good to pitch in and I just can’t bring myself to do to it (Caoimhe and Luci know what part) and I was just wondering what I should do about it

  4. Wow Mrs Macaulay I love your experiment. I’ll definitely need to try this today. I’ll let you know how I get on!

    Have a good day today P7. Hope you try out some of the activities and that you have a safe, warm day 🙂

    Miss Clark

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