P5 Rocket Building

Both Primary 5 classes have been enjoying learning all about Space as our topic this term.

As part of this, pupils had to design and then create model rockets using junk that they had collected and brought in from home.  Some excellent rockets were created, have a look at the pictures below.

Primary 5 classes have also really enjoyed their weekly visits from Mr Harry Rose where he has been able to share his wealth of knowledge on Space with us all.  Thank you to him for coming in this term and thank you to everyone who collected junk for our rocket project.




P3s “Food & Health” Topic

This term P3s have been learning about food and health. We’ve looked at why we need food, and which foods we prefer. We’ve studied the “Eatwell” plate which shows how a healthy diet should be made up of a variety of food groups. Last week we had a great time making our own bread, butter and jam from scratch using fresh ingredients. Yum!