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Careers week off to a fantastic start in P1 with an Advocate, a Doctor and a Vet

Today we welcomed Mr Sutherland (Daniel’s Dad), Dr Hume (Caleb’s Mum) and Mrs Grant (Holly’s Mum) who came to talk to us about their jobs.

Mr Sutherland told us he is a lawyer or advocate and he even dressed Mrs Wilkinson up so she could pretend to be a judge!

Dr Hume is a doctor and she brought her friend Bertie Bones to help explain all about different parts of the body.

Mrs Grant is a vet and she also brought in some friends – her real pets Tess the dog and Jazz the cat.  They were impeccably behaved and very tolerant of all the children – we think they deserved a few house points!

Primary 1 – ou words

This week we have been learning about the ou sound. We have been taking part in a number of teacher-led activities including dictation, magnetic board work and ‘Read, write and draw’ activities. The children have also enjoyed exploring the play activities below:

Match the words to the pictures

Sort the round shapes

Put the ou words in the mouth

Make a kangaroo with a pouch

Suggested ou words to make, say, write or draw:

out, ouch, sour, loud, pout, shout, couch, about, proud, cloud, ground.

Primary 1 Practical Maths Activities

Primary 1 have been practising their addition and subtraction sums using games and concrete materials. All of the children have been so engaged in their learning and have been very keen to share their work with their peers and teachers. Keep it up!

We have been using dominoes to add and subtract numbers on a whiteboard.

We have been playing addition bingo in a small group.

We have been using coins to help us add up values to 10p. Next week we will look at making up larger numbers.

We have been using number lines to help us add and subtract numbers too.


Primary 1 – ck words

Last week we were very busy learning about ck words and we participated in a range of activities to consolidate our learning.

ck word ideas we came up with:

sock, rock, lock, dock, clock, rocket, padlock, pack, back, kick, pick, sick, lick, stick, brick, click, tick tock, luck, duck, truck and neck.

Healthy eating and new foods

This block we are going to be learning about healthy foods and tasting new and different foods too!

We serve a variety of fruit and vegetables at snack everyday.

If you have any ideas for snack please put them in our suggestion book in the cloakroom – thanks!

We have had lots of yummy things to try this term already….

The scottish pudding cranacan, homemade fruit skewers,different types of breadsticks and dips, Forsyths haggis pies, homemade vegetable skewers and pitta bread, quiche and coleslaw , and  homemade banana smoothie.


When we have a new food at snack time, we choose either or  green button to Put in the jar. Green if we liked it or a red if you didn’t like it.




Games Stay and Play

We had our first games stay and play in ELC today. Thank you to all the parents/carers that came in, we love sharing our learning with you!

We had different game stations which included twister, the snail race , pop to the shops, dominos and a bowling alley!


The children got to practice taking turns, working together, and communicating with different adults and children!



Outdoor area

Look at some of our new things in our outdoor area!


Mrs Harrison kindly donated some logs to our ELC and we have been busy making a new sand pit, and seating area.  Thank you Mrs and Mr Harrison.

Mr Harrison also cut some  “log slices” which we have been using for plates in our kitchen and for playdough.


Muddy Monday fun!

We have carried on our Outdoor learning this year with Muddy Mondays.

The children have been experiencing  the different types of cold weather!

In our Wood area in the school grounds we have been taking different types of mark making equipment and seeing what the children choose to do with it.


We have enjoyed having our story and snack outside too.


Please support us by ensuring your child is warmly and appropriately dressed for the weather!