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Last part of October

The last couple of weeks in October have been busy! As part of our role play area,following the childrens intrests, we have set up a “baby area”. We have been out an Autumn walk, reading spooky stories, listening to autumn and halloween music, doing halloween activites and having a dressing up party!

More ELC fun

Here are some pictures of the end of last term, we really enjoyed exploring Nursery rhymes!
ELC 4 children have also been going up into the school on Thursdays to use the computers in the library – we have to go a lot of stairs!

This term we have been looking at Autumn and the changes in the leaves….

Our ELC room and displays

Our ELC environment is looking fantastic!

We have been putting up lots of lovely displays around the room and cloakroom!

We have a “Learning tree” in our ELC, when a child/children has an idea we put it onto a seed – when we have developed that idea a leave is put on the tree to show how we have taken it forward.

Every child has been measured and is on our display “How tall am I?”

New ELC session 2017/18

We have had a busy first term, settling into ELC, making new friends and learning about our ELC rules and routines.

Look at all the things we have been doing!

We have been picking lots of fruit and vegetables from our nursery garden and making snack with them!

We have made vegetable soup and apple crumble……yummy!

ELC session 2016/17

We have had a busy start to this year! Heres some photos of what the children have been up to!

We have been exploring the theme of “Traditional tales”. We used our talking tub to get the children ideas of which books they liked and ideas of how we could explore them!

We have also been busy at snacktime making apple crumble from apple we have grown/picked out our ELC garden!

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Outdoors fun!

Check out some the outdoor fun we have been having the last couple of months!  A huge thank you to everyone who has donated time/items for our ELCC garden. We are still looking for more items and volunteers!