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Numbers in ELC

” I can recognise numeral in my environment”

We have been seeing if we can recognise numbers in and outside in ELC.

We have been doing this in lots of different ways.

On our sponsored walk we spotted some numbers in the upper school playground.

Having number puzzles and resources out in ELC.

Using numbers when we have been making snack.

We also did a number game at gym. It was base on the game “corners” but instead of running to a picture we had to run to a number one of the ELC team said. We had great fun! The children have asked if we can do this again!





Traditional Tales

In ELC we have been having fun exploring lots of different Traditional Tales. We have done lots of different activities and ways to telling the stories, take a look and let us know what you think!

We have made our tuff spot into a “3little pigs” area, where children have been brilliant at using their imagination to act out the story with the props.

There are various fairy tale jigsaws that children have loved working together in small groups or pairs to complete.

Our home are has been turned into the “3 bears” house and there is different sized bowls, beds and bears for role play.

We have had some uncooked porridge oats in our tuff tray along with some numbers for children to explore numbers and practice pouring with bowls like the 3 bears. We also had porridge for snack one day!

In our Story corner, we have had a 3 bears story sack as another opportunity  for children to act out the story.

We welcomed parents/carers in to share a story with us at the end of the day, and have read lots of other Traditional Tales at story times.

We have also explored stories on the smart board in the library in the school and through drama inn the gym hall!



Developing our garden

This term we have been spending lots of time in our ELC garden. Yesterday we had our first “Garden Stay and Play” – a big thank you to all the parents who were able to come in or hand in things for our garden!


We have been doing lots of planting, flowers and different types of fruit and vegetables.

” I have helped grow plants”

” I know what plants need to grow”


With help from our parents/carers we have been painting stones for our bug hotel, making a fairy garden, digging in log stepping stones, painting our outdoor tables and planting wild flowers!





sunny weather

We have been enjoying the sunny weather and been doing lots of different activities outdoors!

We went a walk aroud the school, used the school mugga, and had a picnic up there. It was yummy!


our ELC garden

We have been busy starting to plant and gig in our ELC garden!


We are looking forward to our Garden stay and Play for our parents to get involved with our garden too.


We also planted some cress in ELC and then got to take them home.


Term 4

We have had a very busy first week back after the Easter holidays.

This term we are going to be looking at Spring and growing. We have had lots of suggestions from the children about what they would like to grow both indoors and outdoors – thank you! We have an investigation tray, so if you have anything that shows signs of spring please bring them in!

We were also drawing some flowers on the computer using colour magic.

Some of the afternoon children found worms in our garden so decided to make a wormery for them. We had to use google to find out what worms like to eat too!

We made fruit salad for snack and were practising our fine motor skills by cutting up all the fruit.

It was so sunny on Friday that we took a walk up to the back of the school to use the “mugga” and have a picnic snack. On the way back we noticed that there were lots of signs of spring. “daffodils” “bumble bees going buuuzzzz” “birds tweeting” “green grass”.

Our Easter fun!

We have been having lots of easter fun this week! Some of the boys and girls started drawing the easter bunny last week at our mark making table.

From this we added some egg shapes to our gluing and painting area to make a lovely easter display and had an easter tray with eggs, chickens, and straw!

On the last day we had an easter egg hunt outside and made easter nests!

Hope everyone has a lovely holiday 🙂

New displays!

We have been busy working on a couple of new displays in Kingsland ELC.

One is called “Branches of our Learning through play” – this is in our cloakroom area.

We have also been working on our “Learning Tree” which is how we record child initiated ideas and how we have taken that idea forward.

Our outdoor Learning tree is also new, which gives some example of some of the different types of play that go on outdoors.

We really value and appreciate any feedback you can give us about these new displays. Do you find them informative? Is the information clear? Are they appealing to look at?

Any feedback would be gratefully received! 🙂