Getting the garden ready

This week in P2/1 we’ve been working around the weather to get the garden ready for our planting. We’ve been weeding, talking about what plants need to grow and have discussed what we might plant. We’re continuing to look after the wormery and the compost bin and are looking forward to getting some compost to help our plants.

In our greenhouses on the classroom window we’ve been excited to see that many of our mange tout seeds have now germinated! We will now plant these in the garden where (we hope) some might be ready before the end of term.

We’ve had lots of play in the classroom this week. The children turned the building blocks into our very own cinema. They made tickets and designed posters and were very excited when Mrs Ward joined us to watch a short film we had made.

In literacy this week we learned the ‘th’ sound. We linked this to stories with three in them, in particular the three little pigs, or our class favourite The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. In our writing on Thursday we re-wrote the story in our own words, first describing the big bad pig and then writing about how he tried to blow the houses down. The houses were a little different to the traditional tale, being made of bricks, concrete and metal bars and chains, and the big bad pig needed the help of a sledgehammer, a pneumatic drill and some dynamite! We then had great fun working together to make a collage of each house and then retelling the story to make into a film for our class cinema. The children negotiated the roles and supported each other to remember their lines.

We’re continuing with our problem solving each week – this time the challenge was to make the longest marble run they could with just ten pieces. The children did a brilliant job of taking turns, listening to everyone’s ideas and working together to find the best way forward.

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