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Celebrating Success – New Email Launch

We would like to communicate with you a new, bespoke school email address that we would love parents/families and staff to use to make us aware of any success stories about your child/children.

This will provide us with an improved way of celebrating the many achievements (in school and outwith school) of our young people.

This email address is not replacing any of our usual school contact details but is an additional one specific to sharing good news stories. This will create a platform to celebrate even more pupil success through announcements, tweets and newsletters. We look forward to reading the many emails that I am sure will begin to fill up the new inbox in the coming months!

Chryston and District Community Showcase

On 22nd March 2018, there will be a Community Showcase event held in the school between 5pm and 9pm.  All local businesses, sports clubs, churches, charities and any other organisations in the area have been invited to tell people about what they have to offer.  The aim of the event is to boost the community and to get more people to use local businesses and clubs, as it is a great chance for you to find out about the fantastic range of goods and services offered by your local businesses.  If you are interested in taking up a sport, joining a club such as the Guides, volunteering or want to find out about useful businesses, then please come along.  There will be tea, coffee and home-baking available throughout the night, and everyone is welcome.

Please click on the Facebook link for further information.