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A Picture of Outdoor Learning

Today we went outside to do some art in the sun. We were creating pieces of art using natural materials from the environment around our school. In groups of four we had to look around and collect anything that we thought would look good in out picture. It was important not to destroy any flower beds or vegetable patches and find things on the ground. Some of the things we found were stones, weeds, leaves, broken flower heads or petals, sticks/bamboo, logs, grass, bark and mint leaves.

We had to work together as a group by having some people as collectors and some to organise the materials. We had to communicate with one another to tell the collectors what to find and to decide what our picture would look like. It was good exploring parts of the school that we don’t usually get to go to and it was fun! We had to watch our time because we had a time limit. It was a competition to see who could think creatively and use the materials usefully. It got quite competitive hunting for unique things. Kai even turned up with the top of a broken bird table. We liked learning out doors and enjoying the environment. It was difficult to choose the winner but as a class we decided to have two winning groups – my group who made ‘Joanna Jelly’ the Hawaiian lady and ‘Funhouse’. Well done!

Our art inspired by Henri Matisse

This week we did some funky art. We looked at art by Henri Matisse, he is famous for his paper Cut-Outs and the dancer.  We learned about making a paper collage using big blocks of colours and cutting them into shapes. Next we had to cut out a person from black so it would stand out. To make his body we had to cut oval and rectangular shapes and position him so it looked like he was dancing. Mrs Hunter taught us how to cut a circle from a square by keeping cutting the corners until its a circle. I found that difficult at first, I need more practice! We then added colour to give him crazy clothes and facial features.

I was really happy when I finished my Henri Matisse dancer because I found it really hard to do. It was especially difficult doing the  head, arms and legs because they were an oval shape as I am used to cutting straight lines. I asked Arianna for help, when I needed it. I will upload the pictures underneath.