African Display

This week we have been learning  about African artwork. We got into our co-operative groups and  my group is Malawi. We had  all researched different aspects about our countries in our groups. Today we got all the research out and every group had a fraction of the wall to create a display. We all wrote things, cut them out and then  mounted them onto coloured paper to display. Then we stuck them  on the wall ourselves.  We knew we were successful because we were able to share our knowledge we had learned with others.  We learned by discussing within our group about all of our information then deciding what we would put where. Then we decided what jobs we were going to do (Mrs Hunter called this delegating tasks!) so we would get multiple tasks done at the same time. The skills we were using was communicating with others and managing our time as we had a set time frame to do it in so we had to concentrate. I am learning to use these skills so that if I have a job when I am older that requires skills like communicating with others and managing my time I will know what to do. I found trying to get all the group to listen to one person challenging. I overcame the challenge by co operating with my group and trying to grab their attention.  I achieved  being able to present and share my information with others . I think I could build on these skills and I could try and get even more work done for next time.

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