Before you finish eating breakfast, you’ve depended on more than half the world.’ Martin Luther King


This week we are thinking about Fairtrade and the producers who make the products we love. We rely on people in different countries all over the world every day of our lives, often without even realising it! We rely on other countries for the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the technology we use.  Are all the products we use produced fairly? Post your thoughts below!

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17 thoughts on “Fairtrade”

  1. I think it is important to eat fair trade food and drink because I personally think it might change the world into a happier place than it all ready is.

  2. All the products we use are not always produced fairly. Some of the clothes we wear are produced in countries where people are paid very low wages. The companies who employ them can make large profits which are not passed onto the people. If they did get a fair pay the people would have better houses, health care, and education.

  3. I agree with Callum. Not everything is produced fairly so we need to try and get things that are fairtrade. My mum buys most things fair trade so we should all do that. It is not fair how much time and effort farmers put in to make these things,sometimes its not farmers that make these things.
    Also our clothes need to be fairtrade because its very poor people that does these things so we should get things fairly to help the homless,farmers and just people like ourselfs

  4. It is very important to buy Fairtade products because farmers deserve the same as everybody else. My Dad loves to buy Fairtrade coffee and i love to buy fairtrade banannas , it makes you feel good about yourself That you are helping the farmers . So when your in Tesco next time doing the shopping make sure you buy something Fairtrade .

  5. It is not fair on the people who make all of those fairtrade things and hardly no one buys the fairtrade products and also they don’t get a fair wage either. If they did get a fair wage they would have a better house, health care and a better education.

  6. I think the producers and the sellers should get the same amount and shippers also. Every week I pros wade my dad in buying fairtrade bananas and fairtrade hot chocolate. When ever I’m out whith my friends and we buy sweets I try my best to get some fairtrade caldbury chocolate .My favourite fairtrade food is bananas because I just love the flavour and my mum might be getting a smoothie blender so I’m super excited for that.

  7. I agree with Amy because it’s important to eat fair trade producuts some are really good for yourself e.g bananas,apples pears , blackberrys so Amy put her point of veiw out there about fair trade AMAZING comment Amy 🙂

  8. I think the farmers should get an equal payment beacause they are both people and they have rights the same as us. if the people who sell them in shops get a good amount of money so should the farmers who farmed them.

  9. I agree with Robbie I think that the producers of the items should get at least the same as their selling for. When Im, buying stuff I try the best to buy them if their FAIRTRADE. 😀

  10. I thing that it is so important to try and by some fairtrade foods. The farmers ork as hard as they can to give us this food and the do not even get paid. I think this is so unfair and the least that we could do is try and by some fairtrade foods .

  11. I agree with Ellie because the farmers need as much as us they deserve the same money as us because I think it would a happier place than it already is .

  12. It is very important to eat Fairtade food and to be fair .I think the farmers that grow our food should be pay fairly. So if you are going shopping by some fairtade stuff and be fairtade .

  13. I don’t buy Fairtrade things as they tend to be about 10 and 20 pence dearer. It’s good to buy Fairtrade Products but as I said I don’t. Buying these products such as Chocolate, Coffee, Banana’s and even Cotton. Buying Fairtrade products benefits more people than ever. This benefits people such as The farmer who grows the food, drink and makes the cotton. This also benefits the Tradesman who will buy it off the farmer and he will then sell it to a supermarket. The supermarket will pay the person or people who ship it over from the person who bought it and the supermarket will pay the person who will ship it over then we buy it out of the supermarket, Then we eat it

  14. Delighted to follow this discussion. Our Fairtrade committee will be impressed. Inspiring global citizens – well done.

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