Our art inspired by Henri Matisse

This week we did some funky art. We looked at art by Henri Matisse, he is famous for his paper Cut-Outs and the dancer.  We learned about making a paper collage using big blocks of colours and cutting them into shapes. Next we had to cut out a person from black so it would stand out. To make his body we had to cut oval and rectangular shapes and position him so it looked like he was dancing. Mrs Hunter taught us how to cut a circle from a square by keeping cutting the corners until its a circle. I found that difficult at first, I need more practice! We then added colour to give him crazy clothes and facial features.

I was really happy when I finished my Henri Matisse dancer because I found it really hard to do. It was especially difficult doing the  head, arms and legs because they were an oval shape as I am used to cutting straight lines. I asked Arianna for help, when I needed it. I will upload the pictures underneath.


Sports Leaders

We have been learning sports leadership skills and leading sessions with our buddies in P1. The first thing we had to do was in a group we planned our session using the STEPS principles which is Space, Time, Equipment, People and Speed. We had to organise a warm up, main activity and a cool down. Since we have a wheelchair user in P1, it was really important to think about the activities and how he would be able to take part in our session. We decided to play Boccia which is a sport that wheelchairs users can play, (my buddy is a wheelchair user) it is like bowls and it is really fun! Then we collected any equipment and practised it first to check the space we needed and timed it.


Leading the session was hard at first because at the start the P1s were a little hyper but we managed to calm them down and then get some of the shy ones to come out of their shell. Sometimes it was hard to stop them from running about and get them to listen. It was good teaching them some cool activities they can play when they are in the playground with their friends or even show their parents. It was our first time teaching P1 and also we were the first P7s in Whinhill to do Sports Leaders.

We will be doing it again tomorrow so we had to reflect on how our last session went and write an evaluation before we planned our next session. The session we planned this week is a bit more advanced. We had to change what sort of sponge balls we were using because we needed bigger ones for the P1s who found it hard and smaller ones to make a challenge for the good ones. The first session went really well and next we are going to work up the classes and lead more sessions. We have learned loads of new skills so far like planning and organising the session and working with others in a group. We hope you enjoyed reading this post by Scott and Nathan in P7.

Meeting our Buddies!

This is our first post on our new class blog! On the first day of school we got to meet our P1 buddies. We were a wee bit nervous because we were not sure what it would be like to be responsible for someone new in the school. It has been lots of fun with our buddies so far and we been involved in lots of activities to help them settle into school. Some of the P1s are really shy and some are really energetic and excited about school! Outside in the playground we drew with chalk and a lot of the Primary 7s got chalk all over them! We had to help them write their name and draw a picture beside it. It was good to get a chance to talk and get to know our buddies better.  In class, we talked about asking them open questions to start a conversation and it really worked! Look at our photos at the bottom of the page.

Each morning we go down to Primary 1 and make sure that they are safe in the playground and help them get changed into their sandshoes for class. If we see our buddies crying in the morning about missing Mums and Dads we calm them by reading them a book or trying to make them happy and take their mind off it. We would like to say thank you to Mrs Hunter and Mrs Reid  for helping us with our buddies that we love so much.

By Chloe and Cerys P7