Science-Our Solar System

Recently in class we learned about our Solar System in Science. We became planet ambassadors and had to research about our given planets. We got split into partners and the planet that my partner and I were given was planet Earth to research. We also drew a template for our planet and then painted it to look like our given planet, this was for a display. Also we learned the distance between the planets in our Solar System. I know I was successful because I was able to gather facts about my planet and note them down. We learned these facts about our planet through research on computers. We are learning about this because our Solar System is a very important subject in Science and if any of us wanted to study the Solar System in the future we could use the facts  to help us. I found getting the distance between the planets challenging due to fact that we used a ruler and had to but the distance in centimetres so some of them were pretty due to the fact that some were very close together we had to put a wee line were the distance was and then put the first letter of the planet underneath the line this was difficult because my handwriting is pretty big. I overcame this challenge by trying to improve my writing just enough to the point were I could just fit it in. I have achieved the ability to research and then take notes about my research. I think that I could improve on my speed when taking down notes because I feel like I could have went faster than I did.