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Basketball Tournament Jump2It

Jump2It came to our school to prepare for an exiting basketball tournament. We took part in basketball sessions focusing on each skill in basketball. First of all we focused on handling and controlling the ball in our hands, how to shoot, how to pass and how to dribble. We set out a drill for dribbling, passing and shooting as we set out cones as checkmarks. After we learned the basics we then moved on how to make runs, space, open shots and marking. We got into groups of 4 and practised by playing games and learning how each player plays and where they usual are best at shooting, passing etc.

Over the past weeks of training we have become better at each and every skill in basketball, we knew we where ready for this tournament! When we got there at the Greenock Sports Centre we got put into to teamsĀ  but it was really hard for the teachers to pick the teams because we where all good at this new sport to us! We had to use all of our learning skills and put them into play. As we progressed my team was winning a lot but I wasn’t sure about the other teams but I’m sure they played amazing as they used all of their skills! At the end it was a great tournament but we never won sadly but we showed respect because the school who won where really a tough challenge. Euan from GP4-7 won a trophy for best sportsmanship. We were really proud of him!