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Divided City

This week we started reading a book called Divided City written by Theresa Breslin. Set in Glasgow, this Book is about two friends called Joe Flaherty and Graham Anderson. They went to the same football training and when it got to their very first game, they won thanks to an excellent assist from Joe and Graham finished back of the net. On the way home from football, Graham spotted a gang of people chasing a boy down the street, he was eventually caught and then beaten and stabbed by the gang. We eventually found out his name was Kyoul and he didn’t want the police involved. W had a Talking Round Corners discussion and we think in Primary 7 that he could be an illegal immigrant.

As you may have guessed that this book is about Celtic v Rangers and how it split up Glasgow, this book is also about sectarianism and religion. We looked at Catholics and Protestants and learned about The Orange Walk. A really important part we have discussed is discrimination and how we should treat one another equally. We have only made it up to the end of chapter 4 but we love the book already!divided city