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Science-Our Solar System

Recently in class we learned about our Solar System in Science. We became planet ambassadors and had to research about our given planets. We got split into partners and the planet that my partner and I were given was planet Earth to research. We also drew a template for our planet and then painted it to look like our given planet, this was for a display. Also we learned the distance between the planets in our Solar System. I know I was successful because I was able to gather facts about my planet and note them down. We learned these facts about our planet through research on computers. We are learning about this because our Solar System is a very important subject in Science and if any of us wanted to study the Solar System in the future we could use the facts  to help us. I found getting the distance between the planets challenging due to fact that we used a ruler and had to but the distance in centimetres so some of them were pretty due to the fact that some were very close together we had to put a wee line were the distance was and then put the first letter of the planet underneath the line this was difficult because my handwriting is pretty big. I overcame this challenge by trying to improve my writing just enough to the point were I could just fit it in. I have achieved the ability to research and then take notes about my research. I think that I could improve on my speed when taking down notes because I feel like I could have went faster than I did.

I’m an Engineer, I can help here!

Four primary sevens went to an engineering competition called ‘I am an Engineer, I can help here!’ There were lots of different things  to do like  raft building. In raft building you had lots of different materials. There was a ruler, pencil, rubber, scissors and some cardboard, it was a pizza box. In the challenge we named our raft ‘The Whinhill Raft’ we came 1st in the raft building!

The second challenge was the circuit challenge was where you had to set off a circuit by adding the wires together and make a beeping noise. This was very hard and we had to work together to decide what to do but we managed to complete it in the end.

Challenge three was the pumping water challenge. You had to build a tube to pump the water through and then you had to go down to the bottom of the hall and pump the water from one bucket to a another. This was a lot of problem solving but we managed 117ml!

Challenge four was building a boat to float on water. We managed to build it and it had to survive between two tables with a bottle of sand on top of it. We only had wool sticks and zip ties. We managed it and it survived the table balancing between them, it was so fun.

I am interested in building and making things so I think this is linked to Children’s Rights Article 29, Every child’s education should help them use and develop their talents and abilities.

Inverclyde Academy Transition Day

On Thursday we went to Inverclyde Academy for our first induction day. When we were driving there our bus broke down but we got there eventually! We all got off the bus and went around to the dance studio where Mr Brown was waiting for us to tell us what to do. I felt better when I saw Mr Brown because I had met him before when he came to our school to talk about high school.

Everybody went to their first class and I had Home Ec. I really enjoyed it because I made rice crispie cakes. I felt a bit nervous going in to class but confident when I was cooking because it wasn’t the first time I had cooked. I was really excited for my next class which was P.E. We played rounders and I was glad that I was prepared and had brought my P.E kit! We got to meet the head girl who did a quiz with us, it was quite difficult but fun. Another subject we enjoyed was science. Our science teacher set her hands on fire, I couldn’t believe it! Mr Rodgers and Mrs Hunter had a turn and they both set their hands on fire too. The teacher also tried to burn a £20 but luckily it didn’t burn. She taught us about the things we needed to make combustion; the fire triangle is oxygen, heat and fuel.

After science we had to go back and pick up our rice crispie cakes – they tasted delicious! I was tired at the end of the day and was glad to get back to school. I really enjoyed my day at Inverclyde Academy and am looking forward to going to high school next year.

By Luci in P7