African Masks

This week we made an African Mask out of recycled products with Miss Doolan.  I made my mask out of a milk carton and I torn up newspaper and then I glued them on to the milk carton.  Once it was dry I used pastels to add colour.  I used the patterns that we created before we made our masks.  Miss Doolan had a PowerPoint up on the whiteboard which had the success criteria so I knew who I could be successful.  Miss Doolan gave us instructions and we had to follow them carefully but still able to add our own creativity to it.  Different groups choose different materials for their masks.  We learned how to use different skills for when we are in high school.  I found gluing the pieces of torn newspaper onto the milk carton challenging because it wouldn’t stick and it took to long.  The next time that I glue newspaper onto anything I think I will tare it a little bit bigger.  I have achieved my recycled product African Mask and I think if I have any spare time I will make another African Mask.  Next time I think that I need to work on my time because I took a little longer than I thought I would have taken.

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