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Coding using Scratch

Today I made a scratch coding interaction between two sprites that I made and the sprites were Knuckles and Shadow from Sonic. I think this will help me in the future if I wanted to code a game and have a career in that sort of thing. The skills I was using were planning and organising because I had to plan what I was going to do with my interaction. I had to think creatively and make an interesting script.

code 2#

What I found difficult was making the sprites and coding them to do what I wanted them to do. The way of how I overcame the difficulties was by keep on trying and just keep on looking carefully and what code I had used and then you will eventually get it right. I knew I was successful by testing to see if it works and by finishing the sprites but I was there for a bit trying to see if it would work! I really like my code and I am going to build on it some more.


Photoblitz #DLW03

P7’s homework his week was to take part in Digital Learning Week’s Photoblitz task #dlw03  Here are some photos that have been tweeted to me! Well done everyone!

My Pixel Art

As part of the Digital Learning Week tasks, I created a pixel art of a digital leaders logo. It included a laptop saying WPS Digital Leaders. I used Scratch to create it then used a screenshot and saved it as an image. It took me a while to make it and I did it during school. It was a challenge making the keyboard!

Here is my logo!

digital leaders logo by arianna