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Le Francais

This week we were learning how to ask and answer basic questions in French. We learned how to speak French by practising phrases, talking to one another and asking each other questions. We were successful because we managed to respond to questions used to us by different people e.g. our teachers, a French lady and each other. This will be useful in high school because we will learn more difficult vocabulary. If we visit France, we could use some of our language there too. It was difficult at first to put on the French accent and to work out what we were being asked to do. We had to really think about the questions before we answered. We also have been learning Gaelic so sometimes we nearly answered in that language by mistake! That shows that we are learning to be bilingual. We are really proud because we managed by to sing two French songs for our visitor Je suis une Pizza and Quelle le date de ton anniversaire! Some of us need to work on our confidence but practise makes perfect!

By Primary 7a