Inverclyde Music Festival (Poem)

On Friday the 3rd of Febuary 2017. I was super nervous to compete in the Inverclyde Music Festival as a solo competitor. I had to practise for ages and ages its was super hard and I was so nervous the night before .I competed as a solo competitor in the poetry competition in the Inverclyde Music Festival. I had to think creatively to make my poem for this competition because I had to make a poem to read for the Inverclyde Music Festival. its called “Write and Resite”  I was the 4th competitor and we all had good results and Kirsten Maclean was 2nd and I can 1st I couldn’t believe it I was against 6 people and I came 1st!!!. My poem was called “Why My Country”. I hoped you enjoyed reading my experience in the Inverclyde Music Festival

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