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Our Partnership With Litchenza Primary in Malawi!

To become Global Citizens and work towards achieving our Rights Respecting School Level 2 award, we have recently linked with a school in Malawi. We have partnered with Litchenza Primary School and we have recently sent them a package called ‘To Litchenza from Whinhill’. In the package we had things like; letters, postcards, banners and photographs to share what life in like in Scotland. In Malawi we learned that they speak Chichewa and we have learned some in class. Moni (hello) Muli Bwanji? (how are you?) Zikomo (thank you) We have lots of fun when we learn about Malawi and Africa!­­­­ We have learned about children’s rights and that sometimes children don’t always get their rights because of different reasons but they should! Really important rights are; the right to education, the right to shelter and the right to a name, the right to clean water, the right to nutritious food and the right to have rights. We have learned that we have some differences between Scotland and Africa but we also have a lot of things that are the same! It has been good because we are learning about other cultures and comparing them to our own.

We are linked with Malawi because we want to learn more about what school is like for them and share what school is like for us. We have lots of things to share with our school in Malawi. When we sent the package we sent them some of our school jumpers and ties so they can see our school uniform. Litchenza Primary School sent us a package back and we were so excited! In that package there was a handmade crochet shall, some paintings, photographs and a picture of pupils holding a certificate saying Whinhill partnership with Litchenza. The pupils in the picture were wearing the Whinhill jumper we sent them! So far it has been really fun talking to Litchenza and sending them pictures of us doing our learning and getting replies to our letters.