Reading Rocks!

People read for all different reasons. Some for learning new things, some for finding out information and some just for enjoyment! Reading helps widen our vocabulary, structure our sentences and develop our imagination.

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It can help with our concentration and attention skills, allowing us to focus on tasks in and out of school. Through reading we learn new words, realise that punctuation makes a difference and how to form our writing. Reading non-fiction books helps our general knowledge and helps us to talk about our interests.

What do you read and why?  Post your thoughts below!

28 thoughts on “Reading Rocks!”

  1. I like to read hunger games books and twilight books. My favourite is the new moon.I love to read when I’m bored, I find it really entertaining.

  2. I also like twilight books because I find them entertaining and my favourite is breaking dawn part two. I read Harry potter books because I find them very amusing.

  3. Well to be honest I don’t read that often but when I do I normally enjoy it. It’s quite fun to do, for example it’s fun to read when you are on the sun lounger on holiday or maybe when you have nothing to do, or even in a bath. There’s lots of opportunities to read. My favourite book is bed and breakfast by Jacqueline Wilson, its my favourite book to read. Don’t get me wrong I love the Harry Potter books too. I also love to read because it is going to help you in the future with your literacy skills. Its fun and a good thing to do!

  4. Well I enjoy reading because it helps you become more intelligent. It also gets you in the right mood for a day ahead. I like reading all sorts of books but my favourite books are dragon books and animal books. I like non fiction books than any other but I like comics better than books. I admit I don’t read too much but when I do, it is more fun than you really think!

  5. Personally books are not my thing but I try to read as much as possible. My favourite books are HungerGames Mockingjay and Horrid Henry. My favourite authors are Suzanne Collins and Francesca Simon they are the best Everrrrr.

  6. i think reading is important because it makes more people intelligent. i like to read harry potter book are fun to read and book can help people to read.

  7. I like reading with my buddy in P1. It’s really fun to help her read. My buddy Emily likes pop up books so we read that together.

  8. I love reading all the diary of a wimpy kid but i never have time to read it :/ ! i like reading although sometimes i dont, i read alot when i have spare time. Reading you get a lot of peace because it gets you away from all the hassle like from your mum is arguing with u lol. It’s so good ! 😀

  9. I’ll like to read a variety of genre. I make time to read every day and am enjoying the Game of Thrones series at the moment.

  10. I don’t read novels that often but I buy a Television Magazine every week. I read all of the articles and interviews with the actors from the drama’s and soaps because I watch a lot of TV. I sometimes also read lyrics to songs to understand what the song is about.

  11. Interesting answers everyone! Great point Zander – reading isn’t just about stories, magazine articles and song lyrics count too! I am glad that you are all enjoying reading with your buddies, it’s really important that you are role models for reading! Well done class 🙂

  12. I enjoy reading imaginative books and youtuber books. I find them really inspiring to write stories in school. At the moment I’m reading Zoella’s book “Girl Online”

  13. I like reading books because it helps my concentration skills. My favourite book is spells trouble because it is really funny and I like how she talks about the character Ruby Redfort. For when I am doing sports, I like reading up on gymnastics because in most books it tells you how to do a skill.

  14. My favourite books are all of the Roald Dahl books. I find them interesting and fun. I like reading when i’m bored the same as Zoe

  15. I read football magazines. I like to go on YouTube and I read the comments people have posted. I want to try to read more. I have read with my buddy, he likes to read.

  16. I like animal stories and best friend stories I enjoy reading what happens helps me read better and helps with words and spelling xx

  17. My favourite authors are Jacqueline Wilson and Roald Dahl.
    My favourite books are The worst thing about my sister by Jacqueline Wilson and Charlie and the chocolate factory by Roald Dahl.

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