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Recently we have been working with Inverclyde Libraries and the McLean Museum to learn about James Watt and 3D printers.  James Watt originally created a copy press and then years later someone created a 3D printer.  People from the McLean Museum came in to talk to us about James Watt and 3D printers.  We got to print out some Minecraft tools and they were 3D!  Very soon we will be designing our own 3D objects to print out.  The people from the McLean Museum will be back very soon to print out the objects that we have designed.

African Masks

This week we made an African Mask out of recycled products with Miss Doolan.  I made my mask out of a milk carton and I torn up newspaper and then I glued them on to the milk carton.  Once it was dry I used pastels to add colour.  I used the patterns that we created before we made our masks.  Miss Doolan had a PowerPoint up on the whiteboard which had the success criteria so I knew who I could be successful.  Miss Doolan gave us instructions and we had to follow them carefully but still able to add our own creativity to it.  Different groups choose different materials for their masks.  We learned how to use different skills for when we are in high school.  I found gluing the pieces of torn newspaper onto the milk carton challenging because it wouldn’t stick and it took to long.  The next time that I glue newspaper onto anything I think I will tare it a little bit bigger.  I have achieved my recycled product African Mask and I think if I have any spare time I will make another African Mask.  Next time I think that I need to work on my time because I took a little longer than I thought I would have taken.

Inverclyde Music Festival (Poem)

On Friday the 3rd of Febuary 2017. I was super nervous to compete in the Inverclyde Music Festival as a solo competitor. I had to practise for ages and ages its was super hard and I was so nervous the night before .I competed as a solo competitor in the poetry competition in the Inverclyde Music Festival. I had to think creatively to make my poem for this competition because I had to make a poem to read for the Inverclyde Music Festival. its called “Write and Resite”  I was the 4th competitor and we all had good results and Kirsten Maclean was 2nd and I can 1st I couldn’t believe it I was against 6 people and I came 1st!!!. My poem was called “Why My Country”. I hoped you enjoyed reading my experience in the Inverclyde Music Festival

Once Upon a Dream Poetry

Last week P7 were in a competition called Once Upon a Dream which is a poem writing contest. We were learning to create a poem using techniques like onomatopoeia , personification, similes and imagery. We learned that personification is when you describe something by making it do something only a human would do e.g. the roses danced as the sun rose. Onomatopoeia is a word that describes a sound like BANG, pop, and fizz and other words that describe sounds. Imagery is when you describe something to try to set the scene like the magical candy castle has sparkling gum drop door handles and a delicious chocolate covered door. Similes describe something like his ‘feet were as cold as ice’ or she was ‘as sweet as sugar’ or as ‘smelly as a swamp’. It was challenging to try to think of a poem to start of with but after a we brainstormed our ideas together and planned topics we could write about, we managed to create imaginative poetry. Everyone thought of a scene, place, how you would feel, who was with you and then knew what they were going to write about. We know we were successful at writing the poems because we included these new things we have learned in our poetry and sent them in to the competition. We were really proud of our poetry and are working on trying to use these techniques in our imaginative writing.


Christmas Market 2015

Recently our class have been organising an Enterprise by making crafts for a Christmas Market. First we had to plan and organise what we were going to sell and ask other classes to help out and make stuff.  We decided to design/paint Christmas tree baubles, Little treasure box’s and even make snowflakes! We all know we did a good job because they looked beautiful! We learned how to paint the Christmas baubles because you have to use different paint and it was hard but I got it. I found the baubles really challenging with the paint but I found away to overcome it by just keeping patient. It was difficult at first planning helpers to be on each staff along with a couple of pupils from that class. We had to go over money skills and we learned about profit and loss. It was important to practice giving change. Parents came for tea and coffee and bought some home baking as well as crafts. It was great success because we raised over £800! It was definitely a team effort from P7 and the rest of the school.


By Primary 7

Christmas Time

Recently a group of us were asked to build our class Christmas Tree. We needed to work together and use our maths skills problem solving when we build the Christmas tree we had to match the letters on the branches and the stand.  When we had finished building it, anther group decorated it with Mrs Hunter. I think I have achieved how to build a Christmas tree 😉




Place Value

Last week we were learning all about Place Value. We had to write three columns of numbers, one is Millions other one is Thousands and Tens so it looks like this 2,745,146. I knew I was successful because I had completed the success criteria and the learning intention was to recognise and write numbers to ten million. We learned by writing a example of a number then writing it in words so we can show our understanding. We were learning this so we know how to write big numbers on special occasions. I found it a bit challenging because it was really high numbers but I managed to overcome it because I have a game that includes really high numbers so I knew what to do. I have achieved how to write really big numbers by myself :D. I want to improve on my billions because I really find that tricky :).

Primary 1 2D Shapes !

Today we were helping the primary 1’s learn more about shape. My buddy Jude wanted to make a 2D truck so we needed a lot of different shapes to make it. We also needed glue and scissors we had to teach them all about squares, circles, triangles, rectangles and semi circles. It was all coming together quite well and the truck had awesome wheels. We had to make a road for the truck and we used a rectangle for the road I was also learning jude how to cut and glue some of the shapes as well. Thanks for reading.