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Outdoor Learning at Cornalees

Recently as part of our outdoor learning work, the school took us on an adventure trip to Cornalees! When we got there I knew we were going to need to use some thinking and problem solving skills  as I heard we were using maps and compasses. We were given a tutorial on how to use maps. We learned how to read, write and give instructions using maps. The instructors the gave us an activity to do to check that we had learned it and we had to structure a map by using the skills we had just learned.

Once we completed our map of Cornalees we hid a little toy somewhere and marked it on the map. I found it a bit challenging to mark where the toy is because you have to memorize the buildings and the layout of Cornalees. I found a way to overcome this challenging activity by marking the sides of the buildings in numbers. When we hid our toy and marked it on the map we then switched maps with another group so they had to use their skills they had just learned to read to find the object! The area I found challenging was reading the maps as there was no north, south, east and west on the pupil’s map I took. I really enjoyed this trip because I am now confident using maps!