Coding using Scratch

Today I made a scratch coding interaction between two sprites that I made and the sprites were Knuckles and Shadow from Sonic. I think this will help me in the future if I wanted to code a game and have a career in that sort of thing. The skills I was using were planning and organising because I had to plan what I was going to do with my interaction. I had to think creatively and make an interesting script.

code 2#

What I found difficult was making the sprites and coding them to do what I wanted them to do. The way of how I overcame the difficulties was by keep on trying and just keep on looking carefully and what code I had used and then you will eventually get it right. I knew I was successful by testing to see if it works and by finishing the sprites but I was there for a bit trying to see if it would work! I really like my code and I am going to build on it some more.


Photoblitz #DLW03

P7’s homework his week was to take part in Digital Learning Week’s Photoblitz task #dlw03  Here are some photos that have been tweeted to me! Well done everyone!

My Pixel Art

As part of the Digital Learning Week tasks, I created a pixel art of a digital leaders logo. It included a laptop saying WPS Digital Leaders. I used Scratch to create it then used a screenshot and saved it as an image. It took me a while to make it and I did it during school. It was a challenge making the keyboard!

Here is my logo!

digital leaders logo by arianna

Outdoor Learning at Cornalees

Recently as part of our outdoor learning work, the school took us on an adventure trip to Cornalees! When we got there I knew we were going to need to use some thinking and problem solving skills  as I heard we were using maps and compasses. We were given a tutorial on how to use maps. We learned how to read, write and give instructions using maps. The instructors the gave us an activity to do to check that we had learned it and we had to structure a map by using the skills we had just learned.

Once we completed our map of Cornalees we hid a little toy somewhere and marked it on the map. I found it a bit challenging to mark where the toy is because you have to memorize the buildings and the layout of Cornalees. I found a way to overcome this challenging activity by marking the sides of the buildings in numbers. When we hid our toy and marked it on the map we then switched maps with another group so they had to use their skills they had just learned to read to find the object! The area I found challenging was reading the maps as there was no north, south, east and west on the pupil’s map I took. I really enjoyed this trip because I am now confident using maps!

Our Partnership With Litchenza Primary in Malawi!

To become Global Citizens and work towards achieving our Rights Respecting School Level 2 award, we have recently linked with a school in Malawi. We have partnered with Litchenza Primary School and we have recently sent them a package called ‘To Litchenza from Whinhill’. In the package we had things like; letters, postcards, banners and photographs to share what life in like in Scotland. In Malawi we learned that they speak Chichewa and we have learned some in class. Moni (hello) Muli Bwanji? (how are you?) Zikomo (thank you) We have lots of fun when we learn about Malawi and Africa!­­­­ We have learned about children’s rights and that sometimes children don’t always get their rights because of different reasons but they should! Really important rights are; the right to education, the right to shelter and the right to a name, the right to clean water, the right to nutritious food and the right to have rights. We have learned that we have some differences between Scotland and Africa but we also have a lot of things that are the same! It has been good because we are learning about other cultures and comparing them to our own.

We are linked with Malawi because we want to learn more about what school is like for them and share what school is like for us. We have lots of things to share with our school in Malawi. When we sent the package we sent them some of our school jumpers and ties so they can see our school uniform. Litchenza Primary School sent us a package back and we were so excited! In that package there was a handmade crochet shall, some paintings, photographs and a picture of pupils holding a certificate saying Whinhill partnership with Litchenza. The pupils in the picture were wearing the Whinhill jumper we sent them! So far it has been really fun talking to Litchenza and sending them pictures of us doing our learning and getting replies to our letters.

Divided City

This week we started reading a book called Divided City written by Theresa Breslin. Set in Glasgow, this Book is about two friends called Joe Flaherty and Graham Anderson. They went to the same football training and when it got to their very first game, they won thanks to an excellent assist from Joe and Graham finished back of the net. On the way home from football, Graham spotted a gang of people chasing a boy down the street, he was eventually caught and then beaten and stabbed by the gang. We eventually found out his name was Kyoul and he didn’t want the police involved. W had a Talking Round Corners discussion and we think in Primary 7 that he could be an illegal immigrant.

As you may have guessed that this book is about Celtic v Rangers and how it split up Glasgow, this book is also about sectarianism and religion. We looked at Catholics and Protestants and learned about The Orange Walk. A really important part we have discussed is discrimination and how we should treat one another equally. We have only made it up to the end of chapter 4 but we love the book already!divided city

Basketball Tournament Jump2It

Jump2It came to our school to prepare for an exiting basketball tournament. We took part in basketball sessions focusing on each skill in basketball. First of all we focused on handling and controlling the ball in our hands, how to shoot, how to pass and how to dribble. We set out a drill for dribbling, passing and shooting as we set out cones as checkmarks. After we learned the basics we then moved on how to make runs, space, open shots and marking. We got into groups of 4 and practised by playing games and learning how each player plays and where they usual are best at shooting, passing etc.

Over the past weeks of training we have become better at each and every skill in basketball, we knew we where ready for this tournament! When we got there at the Greenock Sports Centre we got put into to teams  but it was really hard for the teachers to pick the teams because we where all good at this new sport to us! We had to use all of our learning skills and put them into play. As we progressed my team was winning a lot but I wasn’t sure about the other teams but I’m sure they played amazing as they used all of their skills! At the end it was a great tournament but we never won sadly but we showed respect because the school who won where really a tough challenge. Euan from GP4-7 won a trophy for best sportsmanship. We were really proud of him!

I’m an Engineer, I can help here!

Four primary sevens went to an engineering competition called ‘I am an Engineer, I can help here!’ There were lots of different things  to do like  raft building. In raft building you had lots of different materials. There was a ruler, pencil, rubber, scissors and some cardboard, it was a pizza box. In the challenge we named our raft ‘The Whinhill Raft’ we came 1st in the raft building!

The second challenge was the circuit challenge was where you had to set off a circuit by adding the wires together and make a beeping noise. This was very hard and we had to work together to decide what to do but we managed to complete it in the end.

Challenge three was the pumping water challenge. You had to build a tube to pump the water through and then you had to go down to the bottom of the hall and pump the water from one bucket to a another. This was a lot of problem solving but we managed 117ml!

Challenge four was building a boat to float on water. We managed to build it and it had to survive between two tables with a bottle of sand on top of it. We only had wool sticks and zip ties. We managed it and it survived the table balancing between them, it was so fun.

I am interested in building and making things so I think this is linked to Children’s Rights Article 29, Every child’s education should help them use and develop their talents and abilities.

Christmas Market 2015

Recently our class have been organising an Enterprise by making crafts for a Christmas Market. First we had to plan and organise what we were going to sell and ask other classes to help out and make stuff.  We decided to design/paint Christmas tree baubles, Little treasure box’s and even make snowflakes! We all know we did a good job because they looked beautiful! We learned how to paint the Christmas baubles because you have to use different paint and it was hard but I got it. I found the baubles really challenging with the paint but I found away to overcome it by just keeping patient. It was difficult at first planning helpers to be on each staff along with a couple of pupils from that class. We had to go over money skills and we learned about profit and loss. It was important to practice giving change. Parents came for tea and coffee and bought some home baking as well as crafts. It was great success because we raised over £800! It was definitely a team effort from P7 and the rest of the school.


By Primary 7

WPS Sensational Sevens!

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