Quality Improvement in Falkirk

How are we using Quality Improvement in Falkirk?

Using the 3 Step Improvement Framework for Scotland’s Public Services, we are applying quality improvement to our work and plans to make sure we are:

  • working with communities and making best use of data/ local information to identify our priorities
  • focusing our resources on the correct interventions in the right places
  • improving outcomes for children, young people and their families.

We are using Quality Improvement to underpin our planning across the Children’s Commission and individual services. The programme began with a leaders briefing and involves 4 levels of learning for QI. We are also developing an improvement project around mental health and wellbeing (MHWB) to help us focus our efforts on key priorities for MHWB. For more details on these programmes, and QI learning opportunities from Nov 19 – June 20, click on the image below:

Slides from the Dec – March LIEIP Sessions can be found here:

Session 1 – Dec 19 – QI Systems Thinking

Session 2 – Jan 2020 – Change Methods

Session 3 – Feb 2020 – Measurement for QI

Where can I get more information on Quality Improvement for me/ my staff?

NHS Health Scotland, with Scottish Government, have produced a QI Learning Zone. All things QI can be found here including e-modules on: Measurement for improvement, Understanding your system, Developing your aims and change ideas, Testing your change ideas, Implementation and spread.


MODEL FOR IMPROVEMENT – Part of QI is the model for improvement. The model gets us to think about the systems we work in, and how we can make small changes collectively to achieve our strategic aims.

The model has a thinking part – 3 improvement questions and a doing part – the PDSA cycle.

Watch an introduction to the Model for Improvement:


The model for improvement is a simple tool that can sit underneath service and division plans to help us evidence if the work we are doing is making improvements.

Driver Diagram (a plan in one page) – this is a completed driver diagram that you can change.

Fishbone (Looks at cause and effect)

Forcefield (what are the for and against?) Can help you identify drivers for driver diagram.

Project Charter Template – provides the rational and roadmap for a project/ piece of work. You can find more info on the IHI project charter page

PDSA Template If you want to try a test of change.

Run Chart Builder (you put your data in, the programme makes your run chart).

Run chart rules is your data special cause or random variation?

Measurement Plan (once you have an aim and a driver you need to agree measures to show if your changes are improving things or not – by when, by how much, by who?)

Storyboard Template present story of an improvement journey using the storyboard template

LIEIP Presentations 2018-19 – School Improvement Planning:

Session 1 – Using the Model for Improvement to Lead Change

Session 2 – Data, Visualisation and Run Charts

Session 3 – Data and Measures

Session 4 – Impact