Creating the Conditions for Getting it Right in Integrated Risk Assessment

         Development & improvement programme starting October 2020

Are you interested in developing the processes and systems you work in?

Bridget Rothwell, Independent Consultant and Learning Together Reviewer talks about why she has been asked by Falkirk Child Protection Committee and Children’s Commission to lead and facilitate a programme of development and improvement work. This 4 minute film clip and information below describes the work being planned.


The Children’s Commission Learning & Development and GIRFEC Groups have begun to update our GIRFEC and Child’s Plan guidance and resources.

These will be based on findings from: local case file audits, self- evaluations, two recent Learning Together significant case reviews* and from the Independent Care Review, outlined in The Promise report. Updates to national GIRFEC policy will also be reflected.

*A significant case review (SCR), is a multi agency process initiated by chief officers and the child protection committee to learn from situations where a child has died or been significantly harmed through abuse or neglect. You can read the full improvement actions and summary of findings from our recent Reviews in the Child D and Child F improvement plans.

The SCR’s highlighted that:

  • Services worked together skilfully when child protection concerns were clear
  • Joint risk assessment and planning in cases that sit before or after the child protection system needed to be improved
  • We need to develop professionals understanding of their collective responsibility to assess and address risk before child protection concerns emerge to ensure children do not sit in harmful situations for too long, particularly where neglect is a factor.
  • Recording and sharing of information under GIRFEC processes needed to be consistent.

Development and Improvement Programme

Why? Risk assessment is all our business. There is an evidenced need for us to develop a culture of inter- disciplinary assessment practice which enables us to shift the bar on joint working to achieve our aim of integrated assessment, management and planning.

What and How? Commencing in October 2020, we plan to take a Service Design based approach, using a prototyping process which incorporates elements of risk and reflective supervision. This will be workshop based and will include:

  • Risk workshops
  • Supervision workshops, including group supervision
  • Integration and systems workshops (SCIE and other)

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Do you want to know more/ be involved?

We need practitioners from all services and all levels to help us develop an improved approach to risk assessment and management. We will be asking senior managers to free up staff to help develop the programme, make sure staff have time to be involved, and perhaps become advocates or even trainers.

Who are we looking for? You need to be good at your job and looking to develop skills.

If you want to know more/ be involved, please email and we will invite you to an intro session over the next few weeks.