CC Learning and Development Group

What is it?

The Children’s Commission Learning & Development Group is primarily responsible for developing and implementing the Falkirk Children’s Commission workforce learning and development strategy which is focused upon multi-agency provision.


Terms of Reference for the Learning & Development Group

Group Members:

Currently being agreed by the Children’s Commission Leadership Group

Who does the group report to?

The Children’s Commission Learning and Development Group reports to the Commission Leadership Group:

  • 3 key things are reported Bi monthly after each meeting.
  • The group produces an annual update to the planning group.

The group will link with all Children’s Commission Groups and CPP groups to identify and deliver learning and development needs.

Reporting Structure Diagram – Children’s Commission Learning & Development Group



Corporate Parent Briefing Issue 1

Common Core of Skills, Knowledge & Understanding and the Values for the Children’s Workforce in Scotland

If, through your work, you help to improve the wellbeing of children, young people and families then the Common Core is valid for you and demonstrating its characteristics and values will make you better able to meet their needs.

GIRFEC – Challenge Questions NISG


Touchpoints for Voluntary Sector – Touchpoints Targeted

GIRFEC Maturity Model

GIRFEC Maturity Model background guidance

National Guidance Children and Young People Scot Act 2014

Child’s Plan