Falkirk Social Work Services Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

We are committed to ensuring all social work services staff are given access to a wide range of learning and development opportunities.

Employee Development Reviews
Employee Development Reviews are designed to identify learning and development needs. These should happen alongside regular discussions during supervision.

All staff are entitled to an annual employee development review – Good Conversations.

Download: 7 Minute Briefing – Good Conversations (.docx)
Download: Good Conversations – Annual Conversation Form (.docx)
Download: Good Conversations – Learning & Development Needs Form (.docx)

Social Work Sponsorship for post qualifying study
There is a wide range of post graduate study options available to support ongoing professional development of employees and ensure service delivery is informed by current research, policy and practice developments.

Pathway and Timeframes for applications for Post Graduate Study

Employees who wish to be considered for sponsorship for further education study require to complete a study request via the CPD Manager System. Successful applicants will require to sign an undertaking agreeing to continue to work for Falkirk Council beyond their period of study for 24 months or repay course fees.

Download: SWS sponsorship funding agreement (.docx)
Download: Further Education Study Request (.docx)

Advanced Practitioner
A new post has been created across Social Work Services which is open to all registered Social Workers and Occupational Therapists.

Post holders require to be a role model and through mentoring, support the delivery of competent and confident professional practice within the team/service. Contribute to improvements in practice, policy and procedure and support developments, including training, through contribution of advanced knowledge and skills. Hold a caseload which will involve complexity and risk requiring strong relational and emotional intelligence.

Registered Social Workers and Occupational Therapists can apply for an Advanced Practitioner post if they meet set criteria.

For more information see:
Download: Advanced Practitioner Guidance (.pdf)
Download: Advanced Practitioner – Portfolio Evidence (.docx)
Download: Advanced Practitioner – Post Graduate Award Sponsorship Undertaking (.docx)
Download: Advanced Practitioner – Post Graduate Awards (.pdf)