Stop Smoking Service

If you smoke and anticipate it will be really difficult giving up, you might be surprised. Often, people who attend our service for 12 weeks of support and treatment to quit find that, in reality, quitting is a lot easier that they imagined. Do it for you. Do it for your family.

One success story posted on Care Opinion said:

The benefits are huge;

I can have a decent smell sense now as well as taste.

I can tackle majority of any physical tasks without running out of breath.

I have saved good amounts of money…

I advise everyone to start stopping all smoking products now…

Information on available support to stop smoking and a referral form can be found at: NHS Forth Valley – Stop Smoking Service

Anyone can refer themselves by calling 01786 433293 and leaving their name, DOB, contact number, and postcode. They will be contacted by an advisor.

Anyone, including professionals, can make a referral via this link or by phone.

The Health Promotion Service has a training brochure available here: NHS Forth Valley Training