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Education Scotland Resources and Information relating to Corporate Parenting

Corporate parents are all ‘agencies and organisations of the state’ listed within Schedule 4 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 who have statutory duties to collaborate with each other in upholding the rights and securing the wellbeing of looked after children.

Corporate parenting represents the principles, duties and actions necessary to uphold the rights and secure the wellbeing of a looked after child or care leaver, and through which physical, emotional, spiritual, social and educational development is promoted, from infancy through to adulthood. It is a role which should complement and support the actions of parents, families and carers, working with these key adults to deliver positive change for vulnerable children and young people.

‘Looked after’ includes children and young people who are currently looked after in a formal arrangement with a local authority, but not always, involving compulsory supervision arrangements following a children’s hearing. Children can be looked after while remaining in the family home, with social work support, or in kinship, foster or residential care placement.

‘Care experienced’ children and young people include those who have been looked after by a local authority at any time during their life. This includes adoptive children who were previously looked after. This is the preferred term identified by those with experience of the care system, as it is inclusive of those who may no longer be “looked after” but still live with the effects of this experience.

‘Care leaver‘ describes a young person who was looked after on or after their 16th birthday and who is aged under 26.

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RESOURCE: Education Scotland Summary information relating to Corporate Parenting


Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014

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