SVQ: Career Pathways

Gaining your SVQs through, and whilst working with, the council mean you are supported and they consolidate your good practice. Here are some examples of the career pathways of SVQ candidates.

Sarah Haxton, 37

Left school, started work on a SkillSeekers 2 year placement.

Completed SVQ Level 2

Moved to a different location in the role of Casual Social Care worker, then moved on to become a Temporary Social Care  worker

Applied for a  permanent post as a Social Care Worker for Falkirk Council , was successful thanks to her SVQ and experience.

Completed SVQ Level 3

Began covering office shifts, helped by contents of Level 3

Applied for a Seniors post, successful.

Completed some Level 4 units relating to management

Successfully applied for Manager’s post.

Completed SVQ Level 4

Began SVQ Level 4 Care Services for Leadership & Management



Lauren Doherty, 33

Left school,  gained degree in Psychology.

Completed Masters in Advanced Residential Child Care

Began her role as a Residential Worker

Completed SVQ Level 3

Began working as a Residential Childcare Worker at a different local authority.

Moved to Falkirk Council as a Residential Childcare Worker

Completed half a PGC in Supervision

Progressed to a Supervisory Worker (Residential)

Currently completing SVQ Level 4

Aiming to complete PGC in Supervision.


Samantha Sheldon, 31

Left school, began work on a SkillSeeker 2 year placement.

Completed SVQ Level 2.

Completed her SkillSeeker and worked as a Casual Social Care Worker for 2 months.

Successfully applied for a temporary post, there for around 9 months.

Successfully applied for a permanent post.

Completed SVQ Level 3.

Completed training relating to covering senior posts.

Began doing senior cover.

Applied for a temporary post to cover a senior, successful, in role for just under a year.

Successfully applied for a permanent senior’s post.

Aiming to start SVQ Level 4 soon.


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