Adoption, Fostering & Kinship Panel

Adoption Fostering & Kinship Panel

We are currently recruiting for independent panel members to join our adoption and fostering, foster carer review and kinship panels.  We are looking for people who:

  • have personal experience of adoption, fostering or kinship care
  • have been involved with children who have are looked after away from home
  • have knowledge or experience in the care sector and/or with children

This is an interesting opportunity for staff at all levels and from all areas of the council and other agencies. Different disciplines and backgrounds in panel members is a requirement of the national standards and allows the Panel to reflect the wider community.


The Role of the Adoption and Fostering, Foster Carer Reviews and Kinship Panels

Panels and members of Panels are central to ensuring that Falkirk Council applies the highest possible standard of scrutiny when considering the suitability of individuals to become adoptive, foster or kinship carers for vulnerable children and young people.  Panels also have a crucial role in scrutinising planning, care and decision making for children in family‑based care, and one that is recognised in the legal framework surrounding these processes.  The recommendations made have life changing implications for the children and young people we work with.

  • The Adoption and Fostering Panel considers registration for children and young people for adoption or permanence. This follows a multi-agency recommendation that a child or young person requires alternative permanent care away from their birth family. The Adoption and Fostering Panel also considers the suitability of proposed matches of a child with prospective adoptive parents or permanent foster carers as well as the suitability of applicants who wish to adopt or foster.
  • The Foster Carer Review Panel reviews registered carers in line with legislation and national standards.
  • The Kinship Care Panel considers, in line with legislation and guidance, assessments of kinship carers who are caring for, or wish to care for, a looked after child.


Who are the Panel?

Falkirk Council panels are independently chaired. Panel chairs are therefore not employed by Falkirk Council but are required to have a comprehensive understanding and experience of the adoption, fostering and kinship processes.

Our Panels are made up of a diverse range of experienced individuals from a variety of professions who have experience of adoption, fostering, kinship care or are currently working with children.

There is also a panel administrator who organises panels, takes minutes of discussions taking place at each panel and circulates paperwork.


Expectations of Panel Members

Panel members work on a 4 to 6 weekly rota basis and members are expected to be available for 10 panels per year unless otherwise agreed.  Apart from the actual Panel, preparation and reading time of approximately 2 hours for a full morning of panels is required.

The Foster Carer Review Panel and Kinship Panel usually meet on a ­­­­weekly basis, for a half day (currently a Tuesday morning).  The Adoption and Fostering Panel usually meets on a weekly basis, for a half day (currently a Wednesday morning).  Any information shared as part of the panel process must be treated with the utmost confidentiality.  Panel members must make the Chairperson aware if they know the family or applicants to avoid any possible conflict of interest.


Interested in becoming a Panel Member?

If you are interested in becoming a panel member please complete the short application form attached.  Someone will then be in touch with you to acknowledge your interest and look at next steps.  If you have any queries or would like to know more, please email and someone will get back to you.