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FAOL – ECO – Clean Water and Sanitation

The Stars Class made a rain catcher to collect water in the garden. We sieved it through paper to see how clean it was to drink. It was full of dirt and leaves. We are so lucky to have clean water from the tap to drink and wash in. Some boys and girls from abroad are not so lucky and have to drink dirty water from rivers or lakes. We have also planted spring bulbs in the garden. We hope they will grow into colourful daffodils and tulips.


October Holiday Countdown

The Stars Class have enjoyed a fantastic week where we saw not only Harris McCoo but Singing Hands too. What a treat! We’ve worked hard too and made an Autumn sensory bottle, added to our Nanny McPhee wall display and made yucky ‘worm’ sandwiches at HE which actually were very tasty!


Friendship fruit salad

We continued to work on building positive relationships with peers and staff in the Sunflowers. We all brought in a piece of fruit to be added to our friendship fruit salad. We sat around the table touching the different fruits to feel the different textures. We then all took a turn at preparing the fruit peeling and cutting it. We then places the bowls in the middle of the table and were able to choose some to eat. We took lots of pictures and these are displayed outside our classroom on the wall.

Around the World….and Garden!

The Stars Class enjoyed making Mexican Quesadillas at HE and had a colour treasure hunt in the garden. We were able to match all the colours. We made a poster to highlight UN Convention on the Rights of a Child, article 15, ‘You have the right to choose your own friends’. We are getting to know our new classmates and created playdoh faces to display.