Easter Assembly

P3/4 put on a fantastic Easter Assembly and Daffodil Tea for parents afterwards.  The audience enjoyed the performance and great singing.  We even made our own stained glass window backdrop for our assembly, which told the Easter story.

Investigating Microclimate

IMG_1008 IMG_1004

P3/4 have been investigating the microclimate in the school grounds.  They used digital thermometers on loan from the Royal Meteorological Society to record the temperatures at different places in the school grounds.  It was a great way to consolidate all they had learned about maps as part of their orienteering.  They then worked in the group to produce a scientific report complete with prediction, method, results, bar chart and explanation.  A great piece of work!

Beat the Flood

IMG_2701For National Science and Engineering Week P3/4 were trying to Beat the Flood.  This was a challenge set by Practical Action to try and design and build a floodproof house that could stand up to flooding and monsoon rains.  The design also had to be sustainable, use materials available on a small Pacific Island and be cheap to build.  This innovative design has a water catcher and grows food on the roof so that people can still eat if the land around has been flooded.

Wild Weather


P3/4 investigated extreme weather events as part of their weather topic.  Charlet Rose found out about the flash flooding in Boscastle in 2004.  She discovered the cause of the flooding and used weather data to show the rainfall pattern over this event.  She found out how the flash flooding affected the people and the disruption it caused.  This was a great piece of work that pulled together learning in literacy, numeracy and social studies. Well done Charlet Rose.


weatherPrimary 34 topic this term is weather.  They have been finding out which clouds are which, facts about storm Henry and they have been making graphs on excel about how high wind speeds are. We have made rain gauges and anonometers to measure the wind speed.  We have also made an animation of the water cycle.  It was very interesting to learn about.

The Chocolate Factory

IMG_2182 IMG_1004 IMG_0212 IMG_0339 IMG_0367

P3/4 have been designing their own sweets in the class Chocolate factory.  In their groups they chose the best design to produce and market…presenting their product to P5-7.  Milky Moods was chosen as the best of the bunch…but we all enjoyed tasting them!

Making Mummies


P3/4 are learning about Ancient Egypt.  They have been fascinated by the process of mummification.  First the brain is removed from the body through the nose, then lots of internal organs are removed and put into canopic jars.  Finally the body is packed with salts and then wrapped in linen.  Here we are mummifying an orange ….. the mummified oranges are being kept in Mr Gairn’s boiler house!

P3/4 walk a mile walk

walk p34On Thursday we went on a walk up the distillery path behind the school car park.  We walked to the gate halfway to Ardbeg and then we turned back and started to come back to the school. This was one mile. If we walk a mile then we will get stamina. When we where back at the school we went to a rock behind the car park then we had a race. We ran along the wall,then to the wooden hut then we came back to the rock,had a seat then we went home. And we were all tired. Braeden said he thought it was quite good and Orla enjoyed it too.

by Rhys, Ciaran

Our Visit to the Dump

Yesterday we all got into school and Mr Gairns went to Bowmore to get the minibus.  We got our coats on and gloves and hats.  On the way over to Bowmore me and Abbie smelled a fishy smell.  It was because the lorry in front of us was the bin lorry on the way to the dump.  Mr MacIntyre came to talk about working at the dump and gave us lots of interesting facts.  We got a tour of the dump.  There is an old landfill site called Teletubby hill.  Then we went to Rejig to get some things to upcycle.  We got bags, dresses, ties and wool kindly donated by Ina. It was fun!

By Rowan, P3