Action Song Success

Port Ellen P1/2s, aged 5-6 won the action song trophy, against another two schools, at the Mod in Bowmore high school!!! On Saturday 2nd June. They sang a song called {Engine,Tractor Agus Van}
Ellie said “I am glad we won!” Miss Macrae said “Well done.”  Everyone wore fantastic costumes and Ruraidh did very well as Donny Dotamen!!!

By Emily

World Maths Day in P1/2

P1/2 have been very busy celebrating world maths day. We started the day with a mental maths quiz then we got into groups to work on different maths activities.

We were doing direction work with Beebot. Ellie

We were on the computer playing the world maths day game. Eva

We were trying out different maths games like matching times up and dominoes. Matthew

We played a money game. Taylor

We played a new beebot game on the computer. Kaitlyn

We had a shop to play in. Natalie

We were making up 100 squares and colouring in different tens and units numbers.Kaya

We did lots of clock activities on the promethian board. Ruaraidh

We gave each other directions to move on the roamer mat. Natalie

World Book Day in P1/2

It was world book day on 3rd March and we all came dressed up as our favourite book character.
Mirren was Six Dinner Sid.
Ronan was Bumblebee
Ross was a caveman from Dinosaurs love Underpants.
Kaitlyn was the witch from Room on the Broom.
Ruaraidh was a duck from Ping.
Murray was Darth Vader.
Jasmine was Cinderella.
Katie was Little Red Riding Hood.
Natalie was Katie Morag.
Finlay was Horrid Henry.
Eva was a snow angel.
Ellie was Snow White.
Julie Ann was Beauty from Beauty and the Beast.
Kaya was a fairy.
Bronagh was a princess from The 12 Dancing Princesses.
Struan was Augustus the Tiger from Augustus Lost His Smile.
We made story hats and bookmarks and drew our favourite characters. Our buddies from P4/5 came to read to us. We even made up our own stories. It was great fun!

World Maths Day In P1/2

To celebrate World Maths Day P1/2 took part in lots of activities relating to shape. They went on a shape hunt around our school grounds, taking photos of things that were different shapes. They then used these photos to create an information book about shapes which included facts about each shapes features. We even worked together to create a shape powerpoint which includes interesting shape facts and some of the photos they took.


P1/2 found a dead butterfly in our class. We used the internet to find out what type of butterfly it was. We discovered that it was called a small tortoiseshell and that it was a girl.

Our Rhyming Morning

All the boys and girls in nursery, P1/2 and P2/3 came to school today dressed up as their favourite nursery rhyme character. There were lots of wee willie winkies, a little pig, Miss Polly and her doctor and even an old woman tossed up in a basket!
Mummys and daddies and grannies came and worked with us on lots of fun activities.
In the hall we played drama games to do with nursery rhymes.
In the nursery we played games to do with rhymes.
In P1/2 we made rhyming hats.
In P2/3 we were rewriting nursery rhymes.
Here are P1/2s thoughts about this morning.
Ross – I liked making up funny rhymes.
Ronan – I liked doing things with my mum.
Finlay – I enjoyed listening to nursery rhymes.
Struan- I liked playing with Old Mcdonalds farm.
Murray – I liked that too.
Kaya – I enjoyed playing with the playdough.
Natalie – I liked watching the video clips of us doing rhyme work.
Bronagh – I liked having the juice and cakes.
Katie – I like coming to school dressed up.
Mirren – I liked when playing with the farm.
Ellie – I liked coming to school in my dress.
Ruaraidh – I liked playing with the boat in the water.
Kaitlyn – I liked everything
Julie Ann – So did I!

Applying for jobs in P1/2

All the boys and girls in P1/2 have been busy applying for jobs in the Port Ellen Circus. Job vacancies in the circus include clowns, acrobats, jugglers, tight rope walkers and a ringmaster.We had to pick which job we wanted to apply for and then we had to fill in an application for saying why we think we would be good at this job.
Ruaraidh applied to be an acrobat because he is good at hula hooping.
Ronan applied to be a clown because he thinks he is funny.
Finlay applied to be a ring master because he has a big loud voice.
We have to wait to see if we get a job interview – fingers crossed!

All about P1/2 this week

This week we have continued to work hard on our circus topic. Struan, Bronagh, Mirren, Katie and Jasmine are fantastic at hula hooping. Ronan has managed to learn to juggle with two bean bags!
Murray is getting really good at walking the tight rope!

We have been doing loads of rhyming work. We even made our own MTV style nursery rhyme videos! They are fantastic! We planned our costumes and props for the video.
We discovered how to make vokis this week and we all made our own voki to tell our favourite nursery rhyme – check them out on our glow page!
Happy hloidays and happy valentines day! xx