St Andrews Ceilidh

On Thursday 29th November 2012 a  St Andrews ceilidh/presentation was held at Port Ellen Primary School and was run by P3-5.    This ceilidh was held because P3-5 were doing a Scotland topic and it was almost St Andrews day.

Parents, Grandparents, aunts and uncles were invited along with some special guests- Eilidh McMillan on the accordion; Maisie Logan on the tin whistle; Emily Logan, Anwen Baker, Natalie Logan and Abbie Morris highland dancing AND Nigel Morris on the pipes.  There was also lots of electronic Scottish quizzes testing your Scottish knowledge, an AMAZING 3D map of Scotland, both made by p5. The 3D map had many famous landmarks.  Not only was there entertainment ,like Country Dancing.  There was also a lot of Scottish baking including:haggis sausage rolls,shortbread, scones and some beautiful dumpling made by Oliver’s gran.

Over all the ceilidh was a huge success.  Every on involved should be extremely proud of themselves.

Friday Fun Club

On Friday the 2nd of November it was Friday Fun Club and at Friday Fun Club we danced, sang, did arts and crafts and we watched a video, the video was about a blind man who was sitting on the grass, meanwhile Jesus was leading the people past the old man. The man heard the people talking about how Jesus was leading the people somewhere, so he said “Please have mercy on me!” 3 times, the people were embarrassed so they walked away, but Jesus heard his call and sent two of the people to go and bring the blind man to him, the people went and brought him to Jesus, Jesus touched the mans eyes and he could see!

Halloween at School

Lunch on Wednesday the 31st of October was so cool (and delicious) we had Eye balls (Meatballs), Spider legs (Chips), Bloody sauce (Tomato sauce), Pumpkin soup, Spooky Biscuits and Ghost Spew, I’m not sure what the Ghost spew was because I couldn’t see it. After lunch everyone got changed. At the party we played Musical statues, Corners, ducked for apples and we even went in groups and got given 2 rolls of toilet paper and wrapped people in your group like mummies,my group came joint first with James’ group (GRRR) we came joint first because we wrapped the most mummies and we wrapped them well.

By Elizabeth

Keith Brumpton

The author Keith Brumpton came to P45. He did some drawings. One was from Dino FC and the other one was from Kung Fu Pigs. I really like M.I. High because I like to read and I love secret agents. Keith is a great illustrator and author. I love all of his stories.

by Annie

Kieth Brumpton

On Friday Kieth Brumpton visited p4/5 to talk about his stories. One of the stories were Kung fu Pigs. I love it because pigs are awesome. I love  Kieth brumpton because his stories are amazing. He was  imaginative and he was very interactive with the audience. I loved his drawing of Kung Fu Pigs and Dino FC, then we drew our own Kungfu Pigs and Dino FC  and he signed them.

By Eleanor 🙂

Paralympic Power Point

On Friday we did a power points but I didn’t do it. On Monday we did our power points but I was not well I had the stomach bug so I did it today Abbie won the presentation. I was talking about the Paralympics amputees. By Ciara

Talking And Listening Maths On The Computer

We went on to the computers to do talking and listening active maths the games we played place value and number detective. Some tips for the place value game is to look at the units and make sure it is the same units then add on the right amount of tens. For the detective game you have to use the right questions, for example is it odd or even were the best to ask because they got rid of a lot of numbers. We enjoyed it.
By Robbie and Asher

My Review on the Selfish Giant

I am going to give you my review on The Selfish Giant. On the day of the play no one forgot their words and everyone’s acting was brilliant. I felt very nervous when I was just about to walk onto the stage because I had forgotten some words in dress rehearsal, but it was fine in the end.  We did have a down side to our play, just when everyone had sat down the person playing the giant became ill. Eleanor was very clever, she was the puppeteer for the giant and she stepped in at the last minute, even though she hadn’t learned all the words she seemed to know them.  There was only one time that Eleanor didn’t know what to say but Harry knew the words so that was a big help. Other than that the play was great and everyone enjoyed it and after the play all the mums, dads, grannys, grandpas were allowed to go up and have a cake that we made and a cup of tea.
By Maisie


Primary 4&5 have been learning about moral tales as part of their selfish giant topic this term. They have looked at the stories of Oscar Wilde and Aesops Fables, and have written their own versions. Read them in this online book.

Port Ellen Moral Tales