The Amazing Christmas Fair

Photo on 04-12-2015 at 12.42The whole of Port Ellen Primary School will all help to setup the Christmas Fair on the 5th of December. There will be loads of cool creations to buy. P1/2 will be baking for the Christmas Fair, P3/4 will be making sweets and selling them and P5/6/7 will sell sock monsters, homeade calenders, mugs with hot chocolate,marshmallows,candy canes and also cans made into lanterns with holes that make constellations. There is a hamper with lots of biscuits, wine, chocolates, mince pies and lots of other brilliant things. Santa will also be there in his grotto and everybody is looking forward to buying loads of things.  Come Along

Why is Orienteering Fun?

We think orienteering is fun because you can get to increase your fitness and stamina which can make you more healthy. It can also help you improve your teamwork with others which will get you more involved in other activities.

Compass Points

P1010222We have been learning about compass points because it helps us with our orienteering because you need to know your compass points to get to the markers. All the compass points are north represented by an N then there is north-east represented by an NE after that there is east represented by an E then there is south east represented by a SE then there is then there south represented by an S and that is half the circle. Then on the other half of the circle, there is south west represented by SW then there is west represented W then there is north-west is represented by NW then is north again. There is a degree for each compass point which helps you to know if you’re facing the right way. When you change the degrees  to north to east or to east to south you add 45 degrees on because each turn you do you add 45 degrees. North is either 360 or 0 and north-east is 45 degrees. East is 90 because 45 add 45 is 90 degrees. South east is 125 degrees. South is 180 degrees. South west is 225. West is 270 degrees and north west is 315. Then back to north which is 0 degrees.

Making Mummies


P3/4 are learning about Ancient Egypt.  They have been fascinated by the process of mummification.  First the brain is removed from the body through the nose, then lots of internal organs are removed and put into canopic jars.  Finally the body is packed with salts and then wrapped in linen.  Here we are mummifying an orange ….. the mummified oranges are being kept in Mr Gairn’s boiler house!

All about maps

In school we have been learning about maps, compass points and symbols.  We are making our own map in groups the groups are called the adventurous, the muddy maps, the orienteering otters and the history hippies.  Talking about orienteering we are using maps in orienteering to help use maps properly and also because it is our topic, it is good fun. We have been doing degrees of the compass and bearings. I have not quite got it yet but I will get it. I also need to know how to use a map because it is a bit complicated with all of the wee lines on the maps although it is complicated it is still fun.


By Rowan P567

Orienteering P5/6/7 Topic.

P1010222The P5/6/7’s in Port Ellen Primary School are doing a topic on Orienteering. We had to learn about reading maps properly so we could find the posts quicker. When we did Orienteering, Mrs Clark our teacher, timed us and she said whoever came quickest back got to design a orienteering course for us to find the flags. It was great fun. We all were with a partner. We all were very puffed after orienteering but we all had fun, and we all are looking forward to do Orienteering again soon!