Fair Trade Tuck

P6/7 were doing Fair Trade tuck because this week is finance week, and we were learning about Fair Trade and how it is better.  Fair trade is good because more of the money goes to the person that produced it. We also did some money for finance week.   On Monday we had hot chocolate, and it was yummy.  On Tuesday we had hot chocolate and coconut crunch.  It was the best coconut crunch I have ever had.  On Thursday we made chocolate crispy cakes.  Today we sold some fair trade foods at the Gaelic cafe. Everyone enjoyed it and we had great fun.  So buy Fair Trade!

By Ciara and Annie. 🙂

Fair Trade Stall

P6/7 have been learning about Fair Trade foods and why we have Fair Trade. They had a Fair Trade day for parents to come up and learn about Fair Trade. They had different stalls for different things, one had free samples of chocolate and some were selling trade mark goods. Many people came up to the school to find out about Fair Trade. They sold many variety’s of Fair Trade goods, what they didn’t sell they are rolling it over to the schools healthy tuck shop. At the end of it all they find out if they made a profit or loss with their money. It was a successful day for P6/7 and they all enjoyed it.

By Alicia & Torin