P1/2 Circus

P1/2 had a circus on Tuesday 22nd March for their end of topic.

Darren was a snake charmer and the hula hoopers were Katie, Sturan and Bronagh. There was lots of gymnastics and a lion tamer. The clowns were extremely funny. It was very entertaining and at the the end they started spraying water at us and other stuff. It was fantastic!!!

By Eilidh

Our First Learning Blog by P1/2

Welcome to our learning blog!

We are learning all about the circus. We have been learning tricks like balancing, juggling and hula hooping! It has been good fun. By Finlay

We have been learning about the jobs people do in the circus like the ring master, juggler, tight rope walker, trainer, office workers and acrobat. By Bronagh, Ronan, Jasmine, Kaya, Mirren and Struan

We have been thinking about the skills people doing these jobs need. The ring master needs to be able to speak out loud and he can’t be nervous. He must be organised. By Katie

A juggler has to be good at throwing and catching. By Natalie

A tight rope walker has to be good at balancing and he has to be careful not to fall. By Murray

We have a Big Top in our classroom. We have been playing circus games in it. By Ross

We have dressing up costumnes to wear in our Big Top. Ellie

The circus tent has colours on it that make a pattern. There are red and yellow squares. There are purple stars and blue moons. By Eva

I was juggling! by Darren

We turned the bench over in the hall and used it as a tight rope. We had to be careful not to fall. It was tricky! by Ruaraidh

I am good at hula hooping and I love it. By Julie Ann

I want to be an acrobat in the circus because I like doing hand stands. By Kaitlyn

I am really hoping that the lion doesn’t escape from his cage! By Miss MacRae