Dissecting a chicken!

This week we were dissecting a chicken and I thought it was good for research.
We found lots of cool stuff like;








We thought we saw the lungs but it was on the wrong side for the lungs
but Mrs MacDonald thinks it is the lungs as well so I think it’s the lungs.
I touched every thing, so did Abbie. (I loved it,it was the best lesson ever!)

Dissecting A Chicken

On Thursday I felt so excited because p4/5 dissected a Chicken. Amazingly I felt so,so impressed with myself because Izzy,Ciara and I were the only three girls in the class that held all its Organs. We all were very impressed with Mrs Clark because it was only a Co-op Chicken she bought but there was still liver in it.

At some points it was quite gross but at all time awfully COOL! Here are some of the things we saw
. The Liver
. The kidneys
. The Blood Vessels
. The Lungs (Well we thought it was the Lungs)

Also so much more 😀

Dissecting A Chicken.

On Thursday 24th May we were dissecting a chicken, when i saw the inside of the chicken it looked really cool. Mrs Clark let us hold bits and bobs, the things we got to see and hold were:
• liver
• muscles
• cords
• ribs
• kidneys
• wish bone
• spine

Some of the things we touched was squidgy.

I thought I was brave and calm looking inside the chicken but thought I couldn’t look at it though I could. 🙂

By Jodie