Group 4 – Wed 1st April

Good Morning everyone.

Today I’m feeling

How are you feeling today?

We started a new month. What is the month today?

You’re right. It’s April.

What is the day today?

It’s April Fool’s Day. Wednesday.

Life Skills

Once you have completed your morning circle it’s time to get the day started choosing your job to help around the house today.


Read your favourite book or choose a book from the website below.


Check the blog for ideas from Gerry. If you want, you can join in with Joe Wicks live at 9am.


Today we are going to listen to a story about a monkey that wakes up in a grumpy mood. Grumpy monkey is a cute book about great friends and a lesson on emotions.

Are you feeling grumpy today?

Sign of the day

Check Lorna’s sign of the day video.


Have a look at the art section to see what Steve wants you to do.


Check out in the Science section to find out what is your challenge for today.


In the story the other animals try to convince the monkey to do different things to feel better. Talk to an adult about things you can do to feel better when you are sad or angry.

Choose your 8 favourite activities from the list below. Select ones that make you feel good, that bring a smile to your face, or relaxes you.

  Deep breaths   Tell a joke
  Make a snack   Give a hug
  Pet an animal   Dance
  Count to 10   Share a toy
  Sing a song   Play outside
  Read a story   Exercise
  Play a game   Quiet time

Have a lovely day!


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