Group 2 Wednesday

It has been lovely weather and I hope you have managed to get out for a bit on Tuesday
Any worries then please don’t hesitate to contact Tracey or Lorna or reply here.
Hello song – can you find how to say hello in a different language?
Calendar – have you seen what month it is? have you played any tricks?
Movement – have you been learning with Joe Wicks? check out his 5 minute activities on the PE category of the Blog
Life skills – new month…new challenge? is there something you need to learn? check back on the 1st of May did you manage it?
Literacy  two reading books about Tricks – have you seen the virtual zoo trips on the blog too?

I have attached some worksheets in the email  about animals for you to try.  Plus a Clicker 8 game to play – matching body parts
PE – check out Pedro and Gerry’s challenges for today or maybe try and move like the animals in the Monkey and Me story!
Story Call Scotland do great accessible books but you need to make an account for yourselves – as you have a child with a disability this is the link –
they have lots of sensory stories but because today is April Fool’s day check out – No Tricks Gran and Monkey Tricks
Signs of the day  check out the blog for today’s treat
Art have a look at Steve’s ideas on the blog
Science check out Ana’s ideas on the blog as they go to her for Science – I’ve also attached to the email  a ‘make a dinosaur come out of an egg’ activity as thinking about Easter and eggs!
HWB – Nurtured Noodles this week – I’ve attached the sign for Nurture – it’s an MP3 clip of some children they might recognise – how can they help you round the house? is there a job they can do by themselves?

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