Primary 3 24.4.17

Primary 3 have an exciting week ahead. A number of our boys and girls are off to Lowport on Thursday until Friday. They will be doing lots of different outdoor activities and visiting some interesting places in Linlithgow. Children going to Lowport need to remember a packed lunch and a snack. Up to the minute news and pictures will appear on the BLOG.

The boys and girls staying at school will be continuing work on our topic- Outstanding Outdoors. They are going to be identifying and drawing plants and animals found in the garden, planting seeds in our big planters outside our classroom windows, going on a bug hunt and performing at our very own mini talent show!

In maths this term, we are focusing on division. The children will be using their knowledge of times tables and fractions to help them solve division questions and problem solving.

Our reading this term is Guided Reading, which the children are very familiar with. Reading homework will be done on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Spelling and Maths homework will be sent home today. Could it be handed back in for Thursday as it is a short week with children going to Lowport.

P3R P.E – Outdoor Tuesday, Indoor Monday

P3S P.E- Outdoor Tuesday, Indoor Wednesday

Newsletter will be coming out shortly outlining the plans for our final term.

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Smith

Primary 3 5.9.16

Primary 3 were writing instructions for playground games last week. We played three games and decided which one we wanted to write our instructions for. The children were able to write them in the correct order and use a variety of different openers. After all the instructions were written we put them do the test. They all worked out brilliantly!

Primary 3 were very active in maths this week, working around stations, playing board games, on the smartboard and used the ipads. We even managed some mental maths using our number fans. We were very impressed with their addition and subtraction skills.

We finished our work on the Active section of the SHANARRI wheel. We put our bodies to the test by raising our heart rates and describing/drawing what happens to our bodies when we exercise. All the children did very well identifying the changes.



P.E: Tuesday and Thursday (P3R)

Tuesday and Wednesday (P3S)

Homework will be handed out this week along with the new academic diary.

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Smith

Primary 3 8.2.16

Primary 3 are learning about Chinese New Year this week. We are planning to learn about the year of the Monkey, Chinese Story behind Chinese New Year and create Lanterns which we will write a set of instructions for.

We are coming to the end of our Multiplication topic in Maths but we would encourage you to still practise the x2, x3, x4, x5 and x10 times tables with your children because this will support their understanding in our new topic which will be Division.

Last week the children were set the challenge to construct a working Drawbridge from junk. The children worked very well in pairs and clearly thought hard in trying to make the drawbridge rise up and down. We have made a display of some models, self assessment and photographs. You can see this on parents night.

We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday or Thursday.

Can we remind children that it is a dress down day on Friday, theme is Valentines!

Homework- Spelling, Maths and Reading

P.E- P3R on Wednesday

P3C on Monday


Miss Rafferty and Miss Christie

Primary 3 11.1.16

Happy New Year!

Primary 3 have started our class topic- Knights and Castles. They have been sharing with the class, what they already know and written down a list of things they would like to learn.

All the children have been given a Scottish Poem written by JK Annand to recite on Wednesday 20th January, ready for our Burns Assembly on Friday 22nd January.

In maths we are working on our times tables. The children are very confident with their 2x table so this week we will look at our 5x and 10x table. We will also run a class challenge! Please go over 2x, 3x and 10x tables at home.

We are starting up our guided reading again this week, so homework will be sent home on Tuesday.

We sent our our termly Newsletter with all the details of our topics and specialists.

Looking forward to a busy and exciting term!


Miss Rafferty and Miss Christy