Primary 3 24.4.17

Primary 3 have an exciting week ahead. A number of our boys and girls are off to Lowport on Thursday until Friday. They will be doing lots of different outdoor activities and visiting some interesting places in Linlithgow. Children going to Lowport need to remember a packed lunch and a snack. Up to the minute news and pictures will appear on the BLOG.

The boys and girls staying at school will be continuing work on our topic- Outstanding Outdoors. They are going to be identifying and drawing plants and animals found in the garden, planting seeds in our big planters outside our classroom windows, going on a bug hunt and performing at our very own mini talent show!

In maths this term, we are focusing on division. The children will be using their knowledge of times tables and fractions to help them solve division questions and problem solving.

Our reading this term is Guided Reading, which the children are very familiar with. Reading homework will be done on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Spelling and Maths homework will be sent home today. Could it be handed back in for Thursday as it is a short week with children going to Lowport.

P3R P.E – Outdoor Tuesday, Indoor Monday

P3S P.E- Outdoor Tuesday, Indoor Wednesday

Newsletter will be coming out shortly outlining the plans for our final term.

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Smith

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