Primary 1

It has been another exciting week in primary 1. Primary 1 had the opportunity to learn more about dinosaurs this week and have begun their own dinosaur fact files. They wrote facts about the Tyrannosaurus Rex this week and discussed whether this dinosaur was a carnivore or herbivore. They have learned about the role of a palaeontologist and have explored this through play in the classroom.

In phonics this week, the children learned the sounds j and v through our Jolly Phonics programme. They have been encouraged to blend words using these sounds and continue to work on forming their letters correctly.

In numeracy we have been learning about the numbers 16-20 and how they can be split into 10 and 6, 10 and 7 etc. They children have been using 10 frames and rekenreks to show how these numbers can be constructed.

We have started our Bounceback programme in health and wellbeing to develop resilience and positive thinking. They have explored this through stories and circle time games. The children have been learning how to say the days of the week and numbers 1-5 in French through fun songs! They are continuing to practise their Scottish Poem in the classroom, however please keep practising this at home as all children will be required to recite this on Wednesday 22nd. We now have P.E. on a Wednesday and Thursday so please make sure your child is coming to school with a labelled P.E. kit on those days.

Thank you all for your continued support. Have a great weekend!

Primary 1 teachers

Primary 1 News

The children have been learning about the sound ‘g’ and ‘l’ this week in phonics. They practised forming these letters correctly on whiteboards and were introduced to the common words ‘go’, ‘got’ and ‘get’. They made lions, lollipops and autumn creatures with leaves from the playground and practised writing ‘l’ on their designs. In reading this week they have been learning about the features of their book. The children discussed the title, the author and blurb of the book and where you can find them. They answered comprehension questions and predicted what was going to happen in their book by looking at the pictures.

In maths we have been learning all about money. The children have been learning to describe the colour, shape and size of coins and how they are similar/ different from one another. They have been ordering and sorting these coins and have been enjoying playing coin games on Topmarks on the smartboard.

This week, the children have been learning all about toys. The children have been role playing in the Toy Shop and have been using coins to pay for teddy bears. They were introduced to the story of Mr Krinkles and talked about how the character in the story felt. The children have also been learning about autumn and collected things from the Nursery Garden to make a bird feeder. They enjoyed working together as part of a team to create their feeders.

Primary 1 were delighted to find out their role in the Nativity! If your child has a speaking part, we encourage you to help them practise their lines at home to make sure they are ready for rehearsals!

Please ensure that homework folders are brought in every day so that children have their reading books and that homework can be handed out when required.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Primary 1 teachers

Primary 1 News

This week Primary 1 were learning how to read, write and say the sounds ‘d’ and ‘e’. They were encouraged to write these sounds in the air, on the smart board and on whiteboards. They identified words that start with these sounds through games on Education City and by watching Geraldine the Giraffe. The children made ‘d’ with dough and practised writing ‘e’ on eggs. The children were asked to discuss the story in their reading books and were encouraged to respond to comprehension questions.

In maths we have been exploring measure, weight and capacity and have been undertaking practical activities to develop our understanding of this in a relevant context. The children were challenged to estimate and count how many cubes tall an object is and order children from tallest to smallest. They used balance scales to determine which objects were heavier or lighter and arranged a set of objects from the heaviest to the lightest. They were also given the opportunity to guess how many cups of water would fill different containers in the water tray and were surprised by some of the outcomes. They learned new vocabulary such as ‘full’, ‘empty’, ‘half full’ and ‘half empty’.

Primary 1 were delighted to get the opportunity to explore the nursery garden this morning and learn in the outdoors. The children were challenged to find natural materials and use these resources to create imaginative designs and patterns. The children were shown work by Andy Goldsworthy and discussed what materials they could use to create their artwork in the garden. The children used stones, leaves, sticks, apples and berries to create their own designs and worked collaboratively to collect these materials. The children enjoyed making people, monsters, trees, flowers and spinning tops. They turned out really well!

Thank you to all of the Primary 7 buddies who read with Primary 1 every Friday. We appreciate all of your hard work! Enjoy your well deserved holiday everyone!

Primary 1

What a short week we had in Primary 1! We hope you all enjoyed the long, well deserved weekend. The children have been busy learning the correct formation of ‘p’ this week and have been looking at blending simple words. We focused on sorting ‘an’, ‘is’, and ‘and’ into the correct columns and practised writing these on whiteboards. It would be beneficial for the children if they keep on practising all the sounds they have learned so far at home too.

In maths the children have been using cubes, rekenreks and 10 frames to count objects up to 6. They have been using number fans to help them identify numerals up to 10 and have been counting backwards and forwards to 20. They have been focusing on forming the number 6 correctly and have been using online games to help them with this.

The children have been learning how to keep themselves and their body healthy this week. In P.E. the children worked hard on their fitness and co-ordination and they continued to explore healthy foods through play. We focused on the importance of brushing our teeth and how this helps to protect our enamel and gums. The children also learned how to write instructions and sequenced the steps of brushing teeth into the correct order. They used their knowledge of letter sounds to help them write new words.

Homework will be handed out on Tuesday the 24th September and is expected to be returned on the 8th October. The children will be given a homework folder with a grid and resources to help them complete their homework. The tasks with stars must be completed and the others are optional. If you have any questions about the homework, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us after school or contact the school office.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Daun, Mrs Steel and Miss Christy

Welcome Primary 1

Welcome to all of the children in Primary 1 beginning their new adventure at our school. They have all settled in well and are enjoying learning new exciting things across the curriculum.  We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the wonderful Primary 7 buddies who have helped the children adapt to their new school routines. The children have loved having the opportunity to play and read with their buddies. The children will continue to read with their buddies on Friday mornings in the classroom.

This week the Primary 1 children have been learning about the Rainbow Fish and the underwater world through play and group activities across all three classrooms. They have created fish, scales, starfish and jellyfish using a range of materials and have discussed the key themes within the book.

In maths the children have been exploring number through counting games and songs. They have been using resources to describe quantities and order.

Primary 1 have also been exploring Unicef’s Rights of the Child and have discussed their rights and responsibilities as members of the school. The children have had the opportunity to use mixed media to create portraits for the class charter and have been working closely on pencil control and creating shapes. They have also created drawings of their personal achievements for a new display in our gym hall.

We would like to say thank you to all of the parents and carers who were able to make it along to our Meet the Teacher event. It was a pleasure to see you all and share how well the children have settled into Primary 1.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Miss Daun, Miss Christy and Mrs Steel.


A friendly reminder that the children have P.E. on a Monday and should remember to bring their labelled gym kit along with them.