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This week Primary 1 were learning how to read, write and say the sounds ‘d’ and ‘e’. They were encouraged to write these sounds in the air, on the smart board and on whiteboards. They identified words that start with these sounds through games on Education City and by watching Geraldine the Giraffe. The children made ‘d’ with dough and practised writing ‘e’ on eggs. The children were asked to discuss the story in their reading books and were encouraged to respond to comprehension questions.

In maths we have been exploring measure, weight and capacity and have been undertaking practical activities to develop our understanding of this in a relevant context. The children were challenged to estimate and count how many cubes tall an object is and order children from tallest to smallest. They used balance scales to determine which objects were heavier or lighter and arranged a set of objects from the heaviest to the lightest. They were also given the opportunity to guess how many cups of water would fill different containers in the water tray and were surprised by some of the outcomes. They learned new vocabulary such as ‘full’, ‘empty’, ‘half full’ and ‘half empty’.

Primary 1 were delighted to get the opportunity to explore the nursery garden this morning and learn in the outdoors. The children were challenged to find natural materials and use these resources to create imaginative designs and patterns. The children were shown work by Andy Goldsworthy and discussed what materials they could use to create their artwork in the garden. The children used stones, leaves, sticks, apples and berries to create their own designs and worked collaboratively to collect these materials. The children enjoyed making people, monsters, trees, flowers and spinning tops. They turned out really well!

Thank you to all of the Primary 7 buddies who read with Primary 1 every Friday. We appreciate all of your hard work! Enjoy your well deserved holiday everyone!

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