Primary 2 – 23.4.20

Hello Primary 2,

Another lovely sunny day!  We hope you have been enjoying getting out for some exercise in the sunshine. You will have seen Mrs Ferguson has also posted some activities to help keep you moving! We would love to see some photos if you try any of them. Great to see some of you have been trying out your own obstacle courses!

We are also really pleased that some people have already started exploring our new topic of Hot and Cold Countries. Along with the video and Powerpoint we have posted, you might have books or even globes at home to help locate the Arctic and Antarctic. Have a look at some of the excellent research completed about Arctic animals. Well done!

We are providing lots of activities to keep you busy but remember playing time is still an important part of our day in Primary 2 and will help split up some of the core tasks on your learning grids. Also if you need a break  and would like to relax, Mrs Oliver has a story waiting for you in your Learner’s Journey!

We hope you are continuing to access the Oxford Owl books and would love to hear of any you have really enjoyed! Here is the login and link again:

Username: Miss Rafferty
The password is: Carmondeanp2

P2R Woodys and P2O/P Pumbas reading groups should choose books from age 6-7
P2R Buzz Lightyears & Rexs and P2O/P Simbas & Mufasas should choose books from age 5-6.

We look forward to hearing from you,


Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty

2 thoughts on “Primary 2 – 23.4.20”

  1. Morning Harris!! I’m very good thank you. I went for a nice run this morning and I’m happy that the sun is starting to appear 🙂
    Great that you have had a productive morning and its good to have a wee break now and again…..even better when you have a snack to enjoy too! I know the zoo animals are fabulous but you are right, some are hiding! What’s your favourite animal?
    Good Harris, sounds like you’re making good progress with our new topic of hot and cold countries. I love learning about the animals in the Arctic, some are incredible!
    Enjoy your day Harris, Miss Rafferty x

  2. Good morning Miss Rafferty. How are you? I went for a really long walk in the sunshine yesterday, after I had.completed my work. I have made a new rainbow this morning, and done some comprehension and maths exercises. We are continuing to keep an eye on the zoo animals, some are easier to spot than others. I am having my break now, and then I am going to research the arctic animals and write about them in my jotter. Have a good day, Love Harris x

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